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  1. Holy testicicles, he lives!

  2. I would get a pair if I could I apparently the m90P jacket is quite difficult to get a hold of and even more so, the Pansar trousers. But I have to say that its the best Close Quarter Battle jacket I have ever had, since it easily fits around your body, doesn't flop around and isn't to big either, like the regular m90 can be sometimes. Its ok in woodland, but when crawling its easy to get dirt inside it, since its shorter than the regular jacket, and if it is sunny, prepare to boil because of the padding.
  3. There Standard M90 Trousers with an m90 Pansar jacket, a recon combat vest, which is similiar to Stridsvast 2000. Forgive the l85, I just love that rifle.
  4. my ride. Kiddin. I drive a yamaha fazer 600cc, more mechanical then the pic.
  5. Because he is Wanglin...


  6. The dog represents you, and your fight against the chatrooms banhammer.
  7. May the testicals of lord Sledge hit you in the eye and blind you.
  8. When your body turns to auto fart, and farts anytime anywhere wether you like it, or not. When you go to a propper restauraunt and pay 15 quid for a meal, and get a very huge plate, with a small slice of steak, a table spoon of gravy, a cup shaped pile of mash and some sallad put up nicely. I pay for the food, not for the shape.
  9. Don't worry, I'll use my staple gun and staple it back, when I find it that is? Hopefully it's not being feed to the neighbourghs cat, or rotting in the compost heap, then I'm b*ggered.
  10. I lost my pen!s in the washing machine today, why the hell does mine have to be loose !
  11. People that fart in lifts! If you are going out for a date, and you are nicely dressed, you sstep into a crowded lift, someone has to fart,,,, ruining the lovely stench of my aftershave.... And then it's always ome old lady who does it to..... It's like a law -someone must fart when entering a crowded lift...
  12. to everybody that moans at me and says that I'm spoilt because I work harder than them, and therefor, get alot more.
  13. Rant mode activated ! Okey *badgeress*, you want to commit sucide and you call me a spoilt brat. Well let me tell you a few things, I'm not a spoilt brat, you are, because you arn't happy with what you got and have to moan about it, it's not my freggidy hey fault that I got better grades than you, or that i have a bike. Let's gett things straight here. This is how I got my bike and grades I WORKED YOU CRAZY CRYING SUCIDAL SH!T ! If you want alot, then you have to work alot, moaning will not help. And stop saying I'm spoilt because I work hard. So you got bullied, well
  14. I can take the job, I am up around these times after all......
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