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  1. Holy testicicles, he lives!

  2. I would get a pair if I could I apparently the m90P jacket is quite difficult to get a hold of and even more so, the Pansar trousers. But I have to say that its the best Close Quarter Battle jacket I have ever had, since it easily fits around your body, doesn't flop around and isn't to big either, like the regular m90 can be sometimes. Its ok in woodland, but when crawling its easy to get dirt inside it, since its shorter than the regular jacket, and if it is sunny, prepare to boil because of the padding.
  3. There Standard M90 Trousers with an m90 Pansar jacket, a recon combat vest, which is similiar to Stridsvast 2000. Forgive the l85, I just love that rifle.
  4. my ride. Kiddin. I drive a yamaha fazer 600cc, more mechanical then the pic.
  5. Because he is Wanglin...


  6. The dog represents you, and your fight against the chatrooms banhammer.
  7. May the testicals of lord Sledge hit you in the eye and blind you.
  8. I can take the job, I am up around these times after all......
  9. Well, can I have a cookie for being good ?
  10. After you made a post, you have to wait for someone else to post, so you can post again. And till then, you can only edit your original post. Got it ?
  11. After you made a pos in a topic, you can't post again, you can only edit the one you just made, til someone else has posted after yours. Good Idea ?
  12. Give ze n00b a brake, he tried to make something funny atleast, failed, yes, but he failed in a worthy way
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