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  1. horzathesecound

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    My back. Would have to go just before a weekender i've been arranging for ages wouldn't it?
  2. horzathesecound

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Companies who hire people with intelligable accents for the custermer support. I'm ringing because the service you have provided has frakked up, (again). So what does this company do? Hire people who A] Can't tell what i'm saying B] Have such a thick accent you could stand a spoon up in it C] have no knowledge of their product what so ever. Yes BT i'm talking about you. On another note, those people who drive so very slowly around roads they don't know, only to have an ego trip when some one lives there wants to over take. I accept you do not know how severe the next corner is, really thats no problem. However speeding up when you notice me next to you is really not appriciated.
  3. horzathesecound

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Hewes, try getting reg cleaner and get rid of the files troubling you. Farmers who park on blind corners. Which then forces the traffic to go on my side of the road, round a blind corner. Of course this happens right at the time when i'm going round the corner at 50. Do you know why this farmer, (in a tractor with no reg plate either, or an exhaust), parked there? he wanted a chat with the person walking along the road. Thats right, nearly causing a huge head on collision just so he can have a chat. Bent/lazy mechanics. So i'm driving along, at speed, approaching a tight corner, so i brake. Nothing happens. My brakes are totally gone. That tight corner is getting closer, so i down shift, but i'm still going too fast, and theres traffic on the other side of the road. Somehow, i get round the corner, applying the handbrake most likely, and pull over. Turns out the brake vacuum hose got trapped between the air filter cover and the manifold, melting through the cable. Theres no way the cable could have fallen between the manifold and the cover. It had to be caused by a mechanic who just couldn't care less. Last weekend the middle section of my exhaust fell of. Nothing at all wrong with the exhaust, the lock nuts just weren't tightened up. Lock nuts don't loosen up by themselves, so when someone was putting the exhaust on, hey just didn't bother to tighten up the nuts. which caused the middle section of my exhaust to wobble every time i revved the engine, which began to tear of the exhaust in the middle.
  4. horzathesecound

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

  5. horzathesecound

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    People who moan about EMA. To get £30 a week the combined yearly earnings have to be much LESS than £30,000. I think its £15,000. The whle idea of it, so i've been told, is to make sure people who fall intot hose brackets have the option of going to college, instead of working to support their family. Yes there will be exceptions. However most of the people like me who get £30 a week do have to work, simply because they cannot afford not too. What people should be complaining about is the fact that mature students" get no such benefits. Depsite the fact they often have an entire family to support, and could be a single parent. What do they get? £40 in gift tokens for stationary. Very helpfull.

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