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  1. Wow, i've never seen those before- they look pretty awesome. It's just a case of a director wanting to put his own stamp on his film. which would be fine, if he wasn't using what is such an iconic cartoon as Transformers to make a few bucks it would look pretty cool. As it is, i imagine it will be more of a let down to most people who watch it.
  2. I didn't think it was out till next month? The movie i mean? And is it me, or does your post count not improve in this section of the forums? To be honest, as iconic as the G1 designs are, i can't see them being turned into a 3D computor animation. Judging this against the cartoons with result in a massive fail. Perhpas judging on its on merit is the only way to go. Much like the Turtles film. But, flames on Prime?
  3. This Is Off topic..... Back on topic, check out soem decent looking 'bots here http://www.tv-links.co.uk/show.do/2/2505
  4. 18, and next year, when i go to halls. What? we arn't allowed a hobby/interest? "omg, you dress as a soldier and run arround with plastic guns? Seriously, how old are you people? and when exactly are you going to move out of your parents house?" Everyone has hobbies or stuff they like and its a bit rubbish to judge them by it...
  5. Nice backgrounds screamin_weasel and Jagdraben. I see you play BF 1942 Jag? Whats your handle? Im normally snake these days, I play on the Aposltes of Midway server, you should coem and have a play Allthough it is a German hosted server, so you may lag a little. here's mine.
  6. man he sure is going to be surprised when he realises that
  7. After a hard days scirmishing what youneed to do is, pose. (Me standing up in the middle)
  8. Holy Jesus, just shot my SA80. It hits a torso sized target at 65 paces, pretty much all the time. Cant wait for my next scirmish.
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