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  1. Has anyone gotten a chance to test & evaluate the Echo 1 CSR/SVD yet? I'm likely to pick one up soon, just wanted to know if someone with more AEG expertise had an informed opinion.
  2. Mainspire, the real PEQ15 is not available for civilian sale. http://www.opsgear.com/Insight-ATPIAL-p/ins-atp-000-a.htm Nice SCAR-L's by the way! Did it take a lot of work to make the MIAD grip fit onto the SCAR?
  3. Whoa! When did you make it to the residential area? Also at Irene VI:
  4. Just bought this off a teammate, so I still have to trick it out. Apparently it's missing the front sight locking pin and the safety doesn't seem very solid (safe will give if you pull on the trigger with enough force,) but otherwise I'm pretty glad I finally picked up a SCAR.
  5. Looks very nice Guinness! Hopefully I can get a similar setup going very soon. Right now, my sole AK: The handguards are kind of wobbly so I secured them with e-tape, along with the rear sight since it springs loose from the receiver cover. Is there a solution to the handguard wobble I should be aware of? ----- Old CA SLR-105. MAG midcaps didn't work so well and I had to sell off one of my AEG's to afford Irene 6 so I parted with this one:
  6. Quick question - RS grip screws will work with Western Arms 1911's, correct? Is there any modification that needs to be done? I need to get a replacement set, and potentially an aftermarket RS grip as well.
  7. Is it possible to get desert pantera imported into the US? Any pointers to international retailers that would ship the stuff here? Thanks in advance.
  8. KeyserSOZE and I at Irene 6, I was on Task Force McKnight while he was one of the Freedom Fighters:
  9. Looks like your carry handle mount is backwards, was it intentional?
  10. I don't know if this matters to you, but the Propper 65/35 twill stuff for their MC uniforms are heavier than the tropical 50/50 mix used by Tru-Spec. However, it is the cheapest option for officially licensed Multicam, like $40 per ACU-cut top or bottom.
  11. Not airsoft, but I spent a week hanging out at a camp in the Upper Peninsula and took the liberty of bringing my Multicam: Got a blackwater load bearing belt on the way, only other piece of MC I can afford at the moment
  12. There's a small gap in the mouth area so it's technically possible, but I don't think it's very practical.
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