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  1. My Mk46 only weighs like 15lbs loaded. I've got no issue running around with it like that.
  2. But no one else (in real steel) makes a 7.62 AR variant with that receiver layout (DPMS uses a similar mag, but the receiver looks different), and Knight's is the only one that makes the URX system. I can understand when having a 5.56 AR variant, but this one really is a Knight's rifle. LawVol, I think you're just going to have to bite the bullet and buy the real JPoint mount if you want it. Or maybe buy the chinese ACOG docter mount and mate it to half of a scope ring....that might work.
  3. Traded it for another gun I had been trying to sell for months and no one was bitiing. Figured this one would be easier to sell.
  4. There's no want about it I have loads and loads of school/living expenses coming up, and I'm going to need money alot more than a PSG-1 come fall. It'll be exciting to test fire though; according to the gentleman I got it from, it should be shooting 500fps, roughly. It'll go nicely with my M16 and Dragunov (both shooting ~500), even though it won't be here for long.
  5. Just got this from the nice men in brown.... too bad it's going up for sale right away. Haven't even got a chance to fire it yet, need to charge up a battery.
  6. That deserves a *drool*.... Only thing I would change is the flash hider, but that's me.
  7. This was the very first GBB I owned. Long since gone, but I never did post a picture of it. KJ M92 Elite IA, Gerber Guardian
  8. Stuntman, It should mount exactly the same as the real one.
  9. Yup. All plastic! It's a quite heavily modified version of the Red Alliance "Improving The Look Of Your TM AK Furniture" Guide. Here I actually didn't like the way the stock "wood" looked, so I sprayed it all a flat, dull brown. Then using Burnt Umber, Black, and Dark Brown acrylic paints, I would paint, with a brush, the color I was using over one side of the stock. After letting it dry for a while, I would use a shop towel and smear it down, to simulate grain. The "hooking" of the grain you see was achieved by painting a line in the general shape that I wanted, then after dr
  10. My old Marui.... everything was original Marui except the heatshield.
  11. I'm sorry, did someone say 1000 Grit?
  12. Your WE is actually a 2011, sorry. (double stack, plastic modular grip frame)
  13. Hey, it has a gun in it, right? Here are some drawings I did a few years back. Enjoy! (Yes, the M14 is backwards. Don't ask me why, I just spaced) If anyone finds offense, please feel free to let me know and they will be removed. I don't think I'm violating any rules posting them, but you never know...
  14. A suggestion then, for future reference. Before you begin to paint, rub your hand along the mag and feel the high points. These points are the areas that will wear first on a magazine. Your mag isn't very bag for a first attempt, it could just use some refinement. I've found it works better if the brush is very close to dry (thus dry-brushing, huh? ) when you start. Sure, it takes longer, but it ends up looking alot nicer.
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