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  • Birthday 10/02/1988

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  • Airsofter since
    mid 2004
  • Toy collection
    TM G36C (Gertrude)
    TM Mk.23 SOCOM (broked and sold... *sobs*)
    CA M15A4 Rifle (Matilda)
    TM M92F (Unfortunately dead, even on red gas)
    TM VSR-10 Gspec (Grace)
    CA Sportline M15A4 Carbine (my new toy, as yet unnamed...)
    Warrior 1 L96 (Crap, and sold for £30)
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    Something philosophical
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    United Kingdom

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    What do you take me for?

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    Whitchurch, Shropshire, UK
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    Airsoft (oh come on...)<br /><br />Dance Music (UK Hardcore mainly, also Hard House, Trance, Bouncy Techno and Gabber)<br /><br />First Person Shooters & gaming in general (mainly Call of Duty 4 at the moment but I'm an old hand at CoD 3 and Halo 2)<br /><br />XBOX LIVE GAMERTAG: Billy210 (Add me!)<br /><br />Stargate SG1 & other cool sci-fi action stuff<br /><br />War Movies<br /><br />Air rifles<br /><br />Most other gunny stuff<br /><br />Hmmmm....
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