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  1. Don't you just hate it when you're selling something particularly rare cheaply then some bloke low blows and claims its "too" expensive?

    1. FireKnife




      Try there and see how you get on ;)

    2. The Icon

      The Icon

      I've heard >XD Equally annoying when people don't even know what they're buying...


  2. What the! Ive been trying to source this for ages! So much infact, I was beginning to just resign to buy an Italian clone of the real thing...
  3. I did read through the thread and I understand that that piece is susceptible to breaking, even after the "revisions" that have been supposedly made in the newer models. . If I remember correctly, someone's PX4 started to have jams further down the road because the outer barrel chipped away at the contact point so much that the slide no longer pushed it back, so he used a WE thread adapter to serve as as contact point at the front, but I don't really fancy that. I suppose Ill just see how far the gun takes me; it was really meant as a backup/loan gun anyways, but if yours is still holdin
  4. Excuse me for the rather late reply, but I wanted to check up on the PX4s of other owners. Within a mag or two of shots the little piece on the slide where the outer barrel slams into inevitably snapped off. Trying to JBweld it back, I found that the epoxy was not strong enough, and it disappoints me to see how soft of a metal the outer barrel is, considering the rest of the gun is rather nice for the price. So my question is...how are the pistols fairing with this piece of slide missing/about how long is the life span of the outer barrel granted it wears quite fast as the slide return
  5. Anyone know where I can find a real S&W M19 Trigger? = v=;

    1. renegadecow
    2. The Icon

      The Icon

      Oh wow, why didn't I think of ebay in the first place...Thanks.

  6. Oh what the...woops...that was weird.... Sorry about that. It seems I shouldn't post things late at night....
  7. I think I posted this one up before, but hopefully this more flattering picture of it will excuse me for posting it twice: Tanaka Biohazard 6inch
  8. I think I posted this one up before, but this more flattering picture of it will excuse me for posting it twice: Tanaka Biohazard 6inch
  9. Hmm, so please excuse me for the double post, but I thought I should mention something. After fiddling with the gun countless of times, I tried to love it even with some of the faults that it had from the previously mentioned leaky magazines to the slide/chamber fitment issue. Nevertheless, with a word of warning I think its best to tell others to look for something different if they were eying this gun. My slide cracked. Mine may have been a lemon or a victim of some careless shipment handling (as the store I ordered from, Asia Airsoft did not even package it with a box, but rathe
  10. The magazine gas efficiency issue is fixed a bit - the gun now shoots a mag full plus a little more than half with the simple mod of wrapping teflon tape around the seals. Before it was leaking but I didn't noticed until it got worse.
  11. So baited by Hwagan's review, I recently bought one of these as a loaner gun for forcing introducing my lady into airsoft, seeing as the ergonomics of a 1911 are quite easy to get accustomed to. After a long wait of about 2 weeks, my gun finally came, and while I was impressed with the finish, metal, and recoil, there were a few problems that needed to be addressed right off the bat. Firstly, there was the problem with the mag not being able to slide in correctly, as many have mentioned. This really isn't problem so much as an inconvenience, but I thought I might mention it regardless; eas
  12. Judgeman, what is that beautiful Schofield you have there!?!?
  13. An M605, how delicious. I was thinking of building one as I have a soft spot for vintage AR variants. How did you cut the barrel down and re-thread it? On another note, a little update on my M733: I had gotten my hands on some paracord and decided to play around with it. Added a front grip similar to those MAC-10 straps; it works fairly well if you put your fingers through the loop and pull back while holding the hand guard, sort of like an magpul AVG.
  14. ...My heavy support weapon ... Just a bare bones TM M733 that I kind of want to turn into a m231 if I could find the elusive M633 DOE type hand guard...of course the A1 upper and lower will have to follow.
  15. Tanaka Biohazard Magnum (a splice of Raging Bull and M29 I think...) Picked up in a trade just recently
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