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  1. Nope, they're .45s. Heres that comparison pic that you asked for pheonix minus the uspc
  2. It's kind of creepy they're so real... http://images.google.com/images?q=ranger92...ilter=0&ndsp=20
  3. Using this logic none of the rifles in this thread belong here. Airsoft guns don't use real-steel AR-15 pistons do they?
  4. That was indeed the problem with my mag. I just epoxied the plug thing and now it works fine. If I could +1 you I would budawg.
  5. I give it 2 thumbs up. For $30 its a steal. And about the stock pads- This is the cheekrest---- http://www.evike.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv...y_Code=UP_OTHER And I'm pretty sure that this is the buttpad--- http://leapers.com/pages/parts%20and%20tools/ar-15-intro.htm
  6. Oh sure, put my pictures to shame.
  7. ksc usp w/metal slide and 2 extra mags. One of them is already leaking.
  8. The M4s getting there... Some of the pics are really crappy due to the fact that the lighting in the room was horrible. If anyones interested in the rest here ya go- http://s43.photobucket.com/albums/e353/Cpt_Shadow-Fox/
  9. Wow, those are great example of why paintball manufacturers shouldn't attempt realistic weapons. They look like deformed vacuum cleaners.
  10. Woohoo! My multicam's here! Not Crye though. By reading the tags it's obvious. Heres a few errors. Jacket tag-Trousers,Army Combat Uniform Nylon/cotten ripstop 1.Adjust waist size with intemal waistband thi. 3.Washing:Nachine wash in cold water using permanent Press Cycie or hand wash(blah blah blah) 5.DO NOT STARCH orCOMMERCILLY HOT PRESS. Yes, thats exactly how it's written... I still love them though. Works very well where I play and they're very comfortable.
  11. Well thats..different. YOYO, did you use camera flash for that pic? Might want to go into photoshop and play around with the hue/saturation or desaturate it.
  12. Talk about taking pistol grip literally.
  13. Nice paintjob Souske. Can you get a closer shot? Its hard to make out the details.
  14. That must have taken guts. I wouldn't be able to paint over that work of art. Can you take a pic or two of the new paintjob?
  15. Whats with all the 100mph tape on the stock? That is tape, no?
  16. For the price its good. Its much better than the Super 9 but not as good as a VSR. Heres a review I wrote on it. http://www.airsoftrecon.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2943
  17. Here's the new UTG sniper rifle. I usually don't paint guns but inspiration hits me*cough Maveric cough* once in a while and I break out the spraypaint. In the first pic my little brothers TM XM177 is laying on the ground. I gave that one a kind of Black Hawk Down paintjob. It's mostly for looks. Heh, Don't mind the dog butt. Not too sure if I'am gonna paint the G-Spec though...
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