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  1. To Jsres; that slide is by KSC (they're the only ones who make the Hybrid G23F slides) and the trades are indeed butchered. The "lock" of Glock is too small, milspec should saw austria, and the G23F isn't a real gun. I just took the trades off my 23F and left it with a more subtle look. -Sh0ty
  2. Already posted in the new acquisitions thread, but I feel this is an equally appropriate place to post her. 1993 Toyota MR2 2.2L NA 4 Cylinder engine 130 BHP 130 ftlbs Torque Midship RWD 5 Speed Manual 960 Kilo Curb Weight No power options T-top I love her. -Sh0ty
  3. My new car; 1993 Toyota MR2 2.2L NA Inline 4 Cylinder engine 130 BHP 130 Ftlbs Torque Midship RWD 5 Speed Manual Curb weight is 960Kg No power steering (just how I like it) No power options (also how i like it) Sony head unit with Infinity (Sony) speakers -Sh0ty
  4. Beautiful Eco Drive mrblah. I have two of them myself. -Sh0ty
  5. My baby in wood; Took a bit of fitting for the front guard, and I still need to put a battery cavity in there. Still looks alright though. -Sh0ty
  6. Nice gun! Does the plate for the Glock clip have the two posts to attach it to the blowback unit? -Sh0ty
  7. Ibanez 4EX1 Got her for christmas. The Edge III (Floyd Rose bridge copy) is a pain in the *albatross* to set up, but it's so worth it. -Sh0ty
  8. My Yamaha EG 303 that I painted on the left, with a Ray Turser Les Paul copy on the right. Just need a maple neck on the Yamaha. -Sh0ty
  9. You know, for the slow cycle due to the weight, VictoryV10s (think that's it) had a brilliant solution to the problem. He made a spring loaded bracket that attached to the rail that pushed the barrel up wards, allowing it to tilt without slowing the slide. This allowed him to use a barrel that was 300mm long and achieve a velocity nearly twice that of forum limits. -Sh0ty
  10. I actually think the +2 one has a bevel too (it's to fit the full frame) but your glock still looks phenomenal. -Sh0ty
  11. That looks like a G17/ 18c floor plate on that 19. (beveled edge) I dunno if that was something that would apply to your "ultimate, authentic" Glock 19 (I see that extra pin thar" -Sh0ty EDIT: Also, very nice Glock, easily my favorite out there.
  12. I got mine back in early June (bout 7 days after the OP) and it's great. I think I might have burned out trigger contacts though, so that kind of stinks. Other than that, the gun has zero creak, feels like it's bullet proof, and has the best take down I have ever used with an AEG. I think I'm going to need a 9.6V battery to use it as a DMR. (shorter trigger lag) The gun is about 8 and a half pounds, and shoots great. With my nice bb's, I'm getting single shot kills at 40 meters at least. The gun also blends in with my playing field, so that's a huge bonus. -Sh0ty
  13. I'm not sure, but I think the frames are custom done by retailers (the frame is chopped and an aluminum insert is put in) but again, I'm not positive. I'd love to get one for my G23F. How does it feel in the hand? -Sh0ty
  14. Great Glock Chrissy, wish I had the straight frame myself. I suggest you paint the dots on those sights white (maybe they, are, but the pics look black) for faster target acquisition. Other than the sights, dynamite gun. -Sh0ty
  15. Astagg, that MSG90 looks amazing, and I like all your other guns too. -Sh0ty
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