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  1. Very nice, what rail system is that. I really like it. Much nicer than my G&P RAS. Good job.
  2. Here's my Noveske Leonidas inspired ICS M4 AEG. I cut a little over 7.5" out of an ICS M16A3 barrel to get the correct length outer barrel that I wanted. Additionally due to the weak ICS barrel (for a free float application) I also created an aluminium doughnut spacer to eliminate barrel wobble and to center the barrel in the RIS. Parts list includes: ICS M16A3 KA Noveske KX-3 Fire Pig Flash Hider Custom Length ICS M16A3 Barrel JBU M16 Length Free Float RAS Ergo Skeletonized Rail Covers KA Tango Down Style Rail Covers KA Tango Down Style Fore Grip Bomber Tro
  3. Troops, On behalf of TAC, HAPPY NEW YEAR! and welcome to Operation: SAFARI STRIKE! 3 OPSS3 REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! ... Click here to REGISTER NOW! Please click on the banner above to visit the Official OPSS3 Website! Note: For extended details and information regarding the event, please carefully READ through the event INTEL page. Veterans of past SAFARI STRIKE! events will also take note as a few rule and policy changes have been implemented this year. Next, as we've mentioned, some rule and policy changes have been implemented this year. As listed on the event INTE
  4. Yeah it was shipped that way. No idea how it even got thru the factory though. The objective end of the scope is supposed to screw into the main body of the scope near the target turrets. However on mine, the front end of the scope was of different diameter and the threads wouldn't even engage. Like I said, WGC took care of it. They showed the picture to G&P who in turn quickly replaced the scope.
  5. After using M16/M4's for the last 5 years, my wife got me a TM OD M14 for Xmas. Pictures are pretty lames, but you can get the idea. Externally it's done. I've installed the G&P KAC RAS, the First Factroy Bottom Rail, Magpul XT Rail Covers, G&P RIS Sling Swivel, a G&P M1 Illuminated Reticle Scope w/ G&P KAC Optical Sight Mounting System Mount, or a Guarder Aimpoint on G&P "L" Mount. TM M14 with M1 Scope G&P RAS and OSMS Trademarks TM M14 with Aimpoint Like I said, externally it's done. However, still waiting to find the Guarder M14 FTK b
  6. Team TAC Cleveland, Ohio, USA www.airsoftcleveland.com Summer 2003 Spring 2004 Summer 2004 Fall 2004 Fall 2004 Fall 2004 Summer 2005 Fall 2005 Fall 2005
  7. OPERATION: SAFARI STRIKE! 2 - June 3, 2006 - Presented by Team TAC Click HERE to visit The Official OPERATION: SAFARI STRIKE! 2 Website http://www.airsoftcleveland.com/safaristrike.htm OPERATION: SAFARI STRIKE! 2 - REGISTRATION NOW OPEN. http://www.airsoftcleveland.com/event_reg.php - LOCATION: Pinnacle Woods, Chardon, Ohio - DATE: Saturday, June 3, 2006 - NEW LOWER COST!: $45 or $50 if camping onsite - AGE: All players ages 16 years of age and older - US UNIFORM: 3 or 6-color desert, desert digital, Multi-Cam, ACU, or any tan based military BDU. - REBEL UNIFORM:
  8. Looking to see if anyone has any pics of a VSR with the Smokey Stock System for Marui VSR-10 Series installed. Here's a link and a pic to what I'm talking about: http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i...-VSRSS_srch_VSR Any other info on that stock would be appreciated too.
  9. Hunk: What pouch is that over the left breast on the FSBE?
  10. Yes the flap does stay open via the velcro. However, if you mount a mag pouch up there you loose that feature. As for a thumb break, it's got your standard BHI style thumb break, reinforce nylon webbing with a snap. I'm on my third version of this holster. When I got into airsoft, I though black gear was the way to go, then I wanted OD gear, then BHI came out with the MOLLE version of this holster (pictured above). Needless to say this holster works well for me. I've used a TM M9 Tac Master, a WA SVI 5" Standard, a UHC USP, a TM Sig P226R, a WA MARSOC 1911, and a WE Hi Capa 5.1 in th
  11. I used the BHI Special Operations Holster for my SVI (before I sold it). Fit well and really protected the pistol. Never lost a mag or anything. The downside is that due to the flap over the top, drawing the pistol can be a little slow. For as much as I use a pistol in skirmishing, that's not a big deal to me.
  12. Tunershark What kind of grip do you have on your WE? Kind of looks like a Hogue Handall Grip Sleeve, but how'd you use one of those with the grip saftey?
  13. Here are my M16/M4 variants M4 CQBR (TM M4 RIS Based) CA M15A4 Rifle SR-47 (TM M16A2 Based) ICS PCR-4 (M16A4 with second complete M4 RIS upper)
  14. Here's my P90 before I sold it last spring.
  15. The WAS talk about an OP Lion Claws event in TX, but it's not going to happen per John Lu the organizer of IRENE. However the local guys are still trying to get an event together.
  16. There were two large companies going at it: Delta - US Woodland BDU's - Lead by MSGT Mullen Charlie - US Tri-Color or Chocolate Chip Desert BDU's, Lead by Col. McKnight Those two companies totaled about 320 players. On top of that, the US Army provided role players for the civilians. Futhermore, the "host" team (Op Force, KY, USA) provided what the organizer calls a Shadow Squad. Not to sure how many of them there were, but probably no more than 10-20 player. Both the civilians and the Shadow Squad could either be friendly or hostile depending on how each force treated
  17. 4 missions; 1) Real Estate Grab - capture and hold as many buildings as possible 2) Civil Affairs - Keep contol of the buildings you captured, plus hold an election, soccer game, and open commercial operations 3) Capture the enemy CO - night game 4) Huey Down - find the crash site, rescue the pilots, rangers, and secure tier 1 personalities.
  18. Ahh, Popeye, I'm touched. JK, you know where TAC stands on the ECHO Rangers. Anytime, anywhere. Can't wait til the next time we hook up. As for the pistol and other goodies, we're thinking alike, but the wifey is a little opposed to me hanging a shadow box in our living room.
  19. Per John Lu and the Texas organizers, that event is off, but the Texas guys are still going to be putting on an event themselves.
  20. Tunershark: The heavy machine gun was on the zebra painted technical (pick up truck) I pictured in my first post. It was a prop only. Some sort of electro / propane deal. Didn't shoot any bb's, but was loud as heck and really added to the atmosphere of the game. They had a second once of these MG simulators in the back of a jeep. That one was our wake up call on both Sat. and Sun. The jeep comes tearing down the road by the camp grounds with these long bursts. All in all pretty cool.
  21. jifdog: I was the 1st Platoon Sgt, and the Col. had me running around a lot, but I think I recognize you. What a great event. Just picked one of these up as a souvenir. It's a full metal copy of the TM Hi Capa with Irene III logo's and Serial numbers. I think it's made by WE, but Airsoft Elite made these up for the event. Should be here Monday or Tuesday.
  22. They had 2-3 mobile video camera, plus the faciltiy was wired with cameras to capture the action (for real training evaluation). If the videos are as cool as the still photos, just wait for the DVD.
  23. I'm not 100% sure but I was under the impression that the RPG was shooting the flares that you see in pics like this.
  24. They actually had a load of animals on site, loose dogs, ducks, goats, and I think even a horse.
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