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  1. Just picked up a WE p228. I have to say i am impressed, i wasnt expecting much but they have upped their game. Just need some better grips and maybe get the slide engraved.
  2. Still to use either primary in the field yet
  3. Hi guys looking for a little bit of help. I picked up a second hand KWA mp7 the other week and when i stripped it down to clean it up, the ali piston head had loads of dents and scratches all over the top of it and the npas looks like some one has been hitting the end with a hammer and deformed it a bit. It all still works, but my question is, is that meant to happen with use or has who ever fitted it made a complete hash of it? Also as its a picture thread here is my mp7 as it stands.
  4. The fittings that came with mine were; Helmet clamp and molle. The ones in the accessories kit are arc adaptor and ris adaptor.
  5. I had to buy mine separately.
  6. Here's my mich 2001, finally finished and modelled by the lovely Tina
  7. That was meant to say 'Not that its a faithful recreation any way'. Thanks guys type one it is and squad 701 im pm'ing you
  8. I see, thanks for going over it again for me. So for my sig above any firing pin i can get hold will do, it wont be glaringly obvious that its the wrong type for non-railed model. That it's a faithful recreation anyway lol.
  9. Yeah i was pev'd about the markings too, how did they f that up?! I might see if i can just remove that part, rather then spraying the whole thing. Yeah, dremel too. Then i got the mbk, and didnt need to do it Meh, feels great and looks good to so im not that bothered i wasted all that time lol. Just got the Trijicon (replica) glow sights too, better then the glow in the dark ones i had. Just want that firing pin to finish it off now, any ideas which to get?
  10. Sorry, just to go over this firing pin business again. The type 1 is for non prime MBK and type 2 it just for Prime MBK. Do they both look the same once installed? I want to get one for my sig as its nearly finished now, im just so short on cash i dont want to have to buy it twice. Thanks. Oh an pics for the pic thread.
  11. Ha that's Aaron all over, my mag came back with sand in the gas reservoir I hold my hands up to the butchering that was done to that kit. But it just wouldnt cycle correctly and i got fed up with the softly softly approach so i just dremelled it. He said he was never going to sell it and he didnt mind what i did to it as long as it worked and looked good from the out side. We talked about either trimming the mount or the lower and decided that the mount would have a better resale value and a wider market, so trimmed the lower (not that he was going to ever sell it). I might have the other
  12. Hi guys, im trying to find some innert or replica 40mm grenades, more speciffically m433. Ive looked all over the internet and have found a few autions that ended years ago and a site or two that will only post state side. Is anyone in the know of where these can be bought from. I want them for a bandolier for show and dont really want to have to buy a load of airsoft one as that will be very expensive! Thanks guys.
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