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  1. Just picked up a WE p228. I have to say i am impressed, i wasnt expecting much but they have upped their game. Just need some better grips and maybe get the slide engraved.
  2. Still to use either primary in the field yet
  3. Here is a little video from last month at swindon cqb tactical
  4. That was meant to say 'Not that its a faithful recreation any way'. Thanks guys type one it is and squad 701 im pm'ing you
  5. I see, thanks for going over it again for me. So for my sig above any firing pin i can get hold will do, it wont be glaringly obvious that its the wrong type for non-railed model. That it's a faithful recreation anyway lol.
  6. Yeah i was pev'd about the markings too, how did they f that up?! I might see if i can just remove that part, rather then spraying the whole thing. Yeah, dremel too. Then i got the mbk, and didnt need to do it Meh, feels great and looks good to so im not that bothered i wasted all that time lol. Just got the Trijicon (replica) glow sights too, better then the glow in the dark ones i had. Just want that firing pin to finish it off now, any ideas which to get?
  7. Sorry, just to go over this firing pin business again. The type 1 is for non prime MBK and type 2 it just for Prime MBK. Do they both look the same once installed? I want to get one for my sig as its nearly finished now, im just so short on cash i dont want to have to buy it twice. Thanks. Oh an pics for the pic thread.
  8. Here's another one from the mall the other week. [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SuHKu1Wxh4&hd=1[/media]
  9. Ha that's Aaron all over, my mag came back with sand in the gas reservoir I hold my hands up to the butchering that was done to that kit. But it just wouldnt cycle correctly and i got fed up with the softly softly approach so i just dremelled it. He said he was never going to sell it and he didnt mind what i did to it as long as it worked and looked good from the out side. We talked about either trimming the mount or the lower and decided that the mount would have a better resale value and a wider market, so trimmed the lower (not that he was going to ever sell it). I might have the other
  10. Hi guys just a little video from a game at the mall last sunday, had a great day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcjLSXHJeis&context=C46dcb18ADvjVQa1PpcFObU-EM6Qyb8GIAER8fRz5ZpS-JVzJd0KY=
  11. Well that answers that question as to if the guarder kit fits the p114. Will save a team mate money on a PGC lol.
  12. Hmmm RCC make the other internal bit im after, il see any where has the other springs in stock. Am i right in thinking that the 70% one is weaker then the stock spring? The 150% works but the slide wont lock back on empty mags, but with stock spring the hammer gets stock on the bbu some times.
  13. Hi guys, first off thanks for the advice on which mbk to go for, i went with PGC in the end. It took a while to find one in stock but i finally did and it arrived to day! Im so happy with it so far. It took a bit of fitting but nothing compared to a guarder kit i had, for a start this one works! The SF fit on like a glove too, the only problem being is that you cant unlock the slide with it on, the dremel will have to come out soon i think lol. Sorry for the poor pictures but there is no light any where in this flat Just a few internal upgrades and mag upgrades to do a
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