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  1. Good to see somebody still has one. I probably helped build that one when I worked at veltye Sent from my LG-D801 using Tapatalk
  2. God I wish. They won't let us certify on carbines here. So it's just pistol and shotgun for us. That was at a training event so no live ammo allowed anyhow. I do use shotgun cards in the rig though and that works very well. Sent from my LG-D801 using Tapatalk
  3. My work kit (and for play ^.^). The most comfortable setup I've worn so far. Mayflower LPAC with D3 chest rig. Love its versatility and mobility!
  4. Atsalakotos, when you do get a chance, please post the results? I would love to know the maximum effective range you are getting out of it and how consistent the bb traj is. Im excited to hear more.
  5. Bada, with a longer and better quality inner barrel and the right bucking combination, do you think this platform could make a good sniping/dmr weapon? One of the guys on youtube who modifies VFCs stated he got his to reach out effectively to 250 ft with a change of the inner barrel and bucking. It is sounding like consistency is still off.
  6. Has anyone tried using the WE co2 magazines in these guns? Can they be safely run through the HK3 Glocks? If so, is there a noticeable increase in recoil and capacity?
  7. Kai_Wolf

    KJW M4

    Wanted to ask (and it may have been asked before) has anyone cleaned out a magazine completely a noticed a performance change?
  8. Kai_Wolf

    KJW M4

    I figured it was the bucking, but does it differ from what was in the KJW's before?
  9. Kai_Wolf

    KJW M4

    Do the #20 parts come with all V2 rifles or is this a new thing? I assume ti fixes all the previous hop up issues?
  10. Kai_Wolf

    KJW M4

    Have you compared the trigger pull/break to a real steel ar15 yet? How similar are they?
  11. Kai_Wolf

    KJW M4

    If it could be done, it could be used as a much more effective training weapon.
  12. Kai_Wolf

    KJW M4

    Honestly, that sounds like an issue with the trigger mech. Either it is very dirty or something came worn down from the factory.
  13. Kai_Wolf

    KJW M4

    Hey guys, wanted to update on another test I did yesterday with my prototype V1+ and a friend's finished v1+. It was 37 degrees outside and 30 degrees in my poorly lit garage. With both bolts, I was able to do multiple burst and full auto mag dumps. Both had the bolt lock back on a mag warmed under the arm prior to shooting. A full auto dump had cool down near the end but was still doing full cycles and was not as slow as my v2 (which would cease to fire at times from cool down). Shots were still quick. Burst firing every half second fared well with significantly less cool down and snapp
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