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  1. So your saying basically, give them a week to study the board an see how the flow of the system works?
  2. Same here for games. When i go into a game shop and i see the "Games for windows" thing on the boxes, people automatically think its for Vista. Thats aload of bull cause i got world in conflict on XP
  3. Hey guys. Would you personally recommend me buying one? (to those who have one) If so, what do i need to be cautious of? Cheers.
  4. Here's mine. Background goes well with the layout i must say.
  5. Ann summers latest marketing ploy, the rocket, women everywhere will have a blast of a time.
  6. Get it sand blasted, removes the paint easily.
  7. Go one, tell us who she is... Oh and my other ride is your mum.......
  8. Quite like the look of that, even HK would be proud of it.
  9. I can do that fine, check ya specs by going to "run" then "dxdiag" it'll tell ya there. The fire selector came off my CA G36 during a skirmish, i lost the grub screw that holds the spring in.
  10. Meh, afterall your going paid an they wont if they dont do the job. Speaking of which, College: Was supposed to of got a letter through about the start time etc of the course im going on, do i get it?.....no, why......postal strike.
  11. Looking good Venom, a magpull on it looks good.
  12. I'd actually buy the bullpup MP5's, they seem quite how do i say it, sexy looking. If time permits, i'll throw a few guns together to see what comes out.
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