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  1. Great looks... where did you get tht? for how much??
  2. That knife gun at the end of this video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YY_NMYQbUrk they could make this as a cheapo springer.... fun way to surprise ur friends....haha
  3. forgot there's an USP thread... an attempt to replicate those glock grip reductions..
  4. poking it with a soldering iron...haha....
  5. I was reading this shooting magazine at my rifle club after some shooting and saw this article on Glock grip reduction from a company called Robar which I thought looked quite nice... then the USP came last week... So I decided to do that on it.... here's the result: And no, the groups weren't from the USP.... I wish we can get airsoft as accurate as my FWB supermatch.... Posted this in that big picture thread.but too lazy to change the comment..lol
  6. Yea.... did tht quickly while i was having coffee..(hence the milk powder..)..lol.. shame the nozzle broke... still havent worked out y thou... might have been the dimensions of the slide not being exactly the same as the stock one... putting all the stress on the nozzle... when the guarder nozzle comes i might have to mod it a bit...
  7. TM DE with zeke kit... drug lord style..haha... or more like milk powder lord....
  8. ah...titleist's lovely sig....it looks so gd... I was going to get a sig.... but now i am off to uni...so probably no more airsoft for the nxt few yrs...
  9. Well.. All the molle rigs would work since there are quite a few 7.62 pouches out there... Alice would work too since they were used when M14s were still the infantry weapon...
  10. well... it's not tht hard to come up with a new idea but the problem is airsoft is all abt copying... So if it doesn't exist in the real world then we can't have an airsoft version... except those G3 SASes with no stock and a c-mag or those 5.56 P90s that takes m16 mags...etc...
  11. tht wouldn't be exactly correct since the chopmod EBR is the name for the shorter/lighter version of the EBR stock which is different from the full size one that we all have regardless of barrel length. So basically we only have short barrel EBRs but not the chopmod... unless you chop off about 2 inches at the front of your stock and drill additional holes into the stock...
  12. Do you mean the apperture? It can be removed once the housing/top is removed.
  13. Well you will see a screw slot on the right, just on the adjustment nob. unscrew that while holding on to the nob on the other side to prevent it rotating with the screw. once the screw is out take out the nobs on both sides and the top of the housing can be removed. after tht the sight can be taken out. hope this helps.
  14. alrit.. it's just tht you quoted my comment.. so I wasn't sure... the other thing I don't like about paint the hood is that I loose all the "For Law enforcement and military use" wordings...
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