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  1. Titleist

    Tactical Footwear Picture Thread

    I find my Sawtooths to be kinda stiff and overly bulky. Good boots for sure, but a bit overkill in the worst of ways.
  2. Titleist

    Tactical Footwear Picture Thread

    I find they run maybe a tiny bit wide, but frankly they're perfect for my feet.
  3. Titleist

    Tactical Footwear Picture Thread

    They run great, I wouldn't use them for long sprints like I would my Merrell Chameleons. If I had to compare 'em these would be like if you cross-bred a Chameleon with a Sawtooth and then made the build quality even better while dropping the price by half. But frankly they're great boots, hands down. Support is great for being a mid-height boot, break in took about a week before they became comfortable enough for me to want to really use them out in the field (I ran these in the Magpul Carbine 1 class and they worked perfectly). It also doesn't hurt that I can actually see Keen's office from where I work. I'm only 5 blocks from their office. And I popped in to thank 'em, great folks.
  4. Titleist

    Tactical Footwear Picture Thread

    Keen VOYAGEUR MID's. Friggin love these shoes. Ran 'em in the Magpul course and they were just awesome.
  5. Titleist

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Renegade, that helmet sure looks familiar, heh
  6. Titleist

    Pics of your Gear

    I won't lie, Grim!, those are friggin awesome. I tip my hat to both the setups and the photos!
  7. Titleist

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    I'm looking to buy a G&P short barreled M870, but can anyone tell me if you can install a side saddle shell holder on to G&P guns? Any help would be great.
  8. Titleist

    Videos Thread !

    Yeah the last video I posted was way back in july, so long wait. Glad you guys like it!
  9. Titleist

    Videos Thread !

    My AI 500 video is finally up! Okay so click "save as" for these links Small .mp4 http://gallery.cqbchallenge.com/main.php?g..._serialNumber=1 Large h.264 http://gallery.cqbchallenge.com/main.php?g..._serialNumber=1
  10. Titleist

    SIG Picture Thread

    Oh snap, you broke into my house? SO that's where my gun went!
  11. Titleist

    Videos Thread !

    Probably no new videos for a while. There's a game at the end of the month at Ord again, but I can't make it as I have a major project that launches around the same time. So might not see anything from me for a few months.
  12. Titleist

    Videos Thread !

    heh well lobby for them to bring me out to Irene in october!
  13. Titleist

    Videos Thread !

    You're not the first person to ask me that, the answer is no. I will NOT pay 100+ for a game, if they wanted to pay for me to go and film the game, sure. But no way in hell would I pay to film it. lol.
  14. Titleist

    Videos Thread !

    That's really all dependent on how much I shoot and if the footage is good. In this case I was only out there for 2 or so hours, so I didn't have a ton to edit.
  15. Titleist

    Videos Thread !

    Yep it is kind of a suspenseful moment that ends in a cinematic cock tease. The reason is that as the finale was going on some jerkoff on the second floor of the buildings shot me in the neck, full burst, hit so hard at a close distance it made me nearly drop my camera. Seriously one of the most painful shots I've taken, and I've been shot a LOT. So you can blame that dude for ruining the ending.

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