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  1. I swear I've seen a similar gun like that around here somewhere... Nice work, man. You know all the little things I'd point out that make it NOT an EMC, but all that considered, it looks a hell of a lot like my real battle rifle. I'm honored.
  2. "I promise...I will NEVER die!"

  3. A company in OK, called Freedom Graphix

  4. tITELIST,

    where did you get your helmet dipped with the digi-desert pattern? I saw this on wannabe a while back, thanks.


  5. It's more than a body kit actually. They'll be 47 of them produced (if you get the reference, good for you!), I know the price, and honestly, you can't afford it. Yikes!
  6. USCM, so how's that replica of my real '25 going?
  7. Yep, that's Amy Jo Johnson. Also just FYI some real shooters do in fact push their reddots up on to the forearm, a lot of the local SRT guys run rigs like that.
  8. A patch is usually left upside until you've matriculated. If you haven't graduated a magpul dynamics class it best be flipped. Travis had folks turn 'em upside during our first class, then told 'em to flip 'em afterward signifying we had earned it.
  9. I remember a smart guy teaching you why it's flipped upside-down as well
  10. ACS, it's an aluminum plate at the bottom. I store an extra 7.62 sized bolt in the stock compartment and CR123As in the tubes.
  11. 40-50 bucks. The ACS also has storage you can access WITHOUT having to remove the stock. Seriously, try accessing spare batteries in a rush with the SOPMOD. The ACS also has storage in the bottom potion of the stock, and a tension lock like the CTR. It also has a strike plate at the bottom, which is nice for real rifles (in a class I took with the local swat team we had to break a car window with the butt of the stock).
  12. Where do you think he got his PEQ-15 from
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