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  1. Yes please do- I went 2 years ago and was a little disappointed. Was cool to se regardless, luckily my trip was paid for me but I don't think I would go again.
  2. Love mine, however my slide is sticking when returning it from empty. Cycles fine, accuracy and gas consumption is great.
  3. Thanks buddy, the mk18 has taken me the longest and cost the most, she's my workhorse
  4. My PTW's. M4a1, MK18 Mod1 and Mk12 Mod1. Been a while since I posted here, will update with parts ASAP.
  5. Lol. send them your money and find out !
  6. LOL. Best not post my lid then eh? Or my collection :/
  7. Coiled mine up, one loop and close the hydro, give it a try dude
  8. think i have one of those screws spare from my old p114 jim, il check for you mate
  9. This has been finished for a while now, just forgot to post it up. Here's my lid. BAE mich 2001. Wilcox L2 G05 + Lanyard. S&S Precision Manta Strobe. S&S Precision Green + Red V-Lites. Princeton Tec IR MPLS ( really impressed with this) AN/PVS 18 + Wilcox Dovetail Upgrade x2/ LIF/Demist + Orion Filter Not Pictured. IR Flag + IR Tab. Ops Core H-Nape Chinstrap. TX flag
  10. p114 fits my guarder fine. might let it go soon though :/
  11. which ones you keeping/ selling?
  12. nice zach, saw youre selling the mich.
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