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  1. findiboy16

    Custom Gear

    aye its my new designated get in from work and slump clothing!!!! great for keeping me cool and protected when my wife makes me hoover late in the evening
  2. findiboy16

    Custom Gear

    a test run with some left over fabric i had. just to get a feel for the next project and we have TARTAN UBACS!!!!!!!
  3. findiboy16

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    strange i had that problem before the addition of the silicone ( which was why i added so much of it ) still perhaps i was doing something wrong in re-assembly!! more skilled hands than mine i guess! i have much to learn! kudo's to you anyway dude!!
  4. findiboy16

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    looks amazing man glad to see it turned out well!! just out of curiosity how did you fix that damn airseal!???
  5. findiboy16

    ICS M1 GARAND initial overview

    heya chaps sorry about the lack of an update, im having problems with this rifle, that may have been pre-existing when I brought it, so no review on performance I will say that the gearbox quality is pretty amazing though!!!
  6. findiboy16

    ICS M1 GARAND initial overview

    This isn't really a proper review just yet chaps as I've only really owned the rifle 2 weeks and spent a lot of time simply just fondling it. so ill go over with a few pointers before I gather the information I need for field performance. Another reason is that I picked up mine on the classifieds and it has been downgraded to around 300fps I was quoted 330 but shots at a coke can on .20g rounds fail to even penetrate one side of the can ill keep an eye on this thread so go ahead and throw a Q&A at me .the box is of a decent quality and well packed in thin moulded plastic, prefer polystyrene myself as it protects better but whatever mine came with an sof bandolier, not sure if it was included originally but its nice enough, doesn't look incredibly durable!! its a bit like a thin sash with a few spaces in for mags.....the mags don't fit in incredibly well and im not sure id trust it However I would look at grenade pouches or 40mm nade pouches as I think they may fit. At some point im going to take a trip to my local surplus store and just stuff the mags into pouches that I think fit Im really hoping that I will be able to fit a load in a 40mm grenade bandolier as this will be much sturdier and available in many camo types, anyone has any info on this feel free to let me know. .weight and feel of the rifle are great, its actually lighter that I thought it would be, the wood in places has almost a hollow feel to it that lightens the weapon overall! it dents and marks pretty easy, i kind of like that as it means i can leave it to wear naturally in the places that a real one might. .The finish is pretty dark at first but tends to lighten around the area's that its used, most notably the grip .there are mold lines on the steel parts in places, even around the cocking handle which kind of sucks but its not spoiling it for me. .overall length of the weapon is good being not really much longer than my full stocked m4.....which i find acceptable to walk into a building with, it shoulders nicely .the iron sights are the best iver ever used in all honestly, very clear and easy to get to, I find that whatever position i should it in or whatever way im standing, the sights just naturally line up even leaving a little room for peripheral vision. they are very adjustable .Ive seen a lot of online videos where the mag release is pressed and the mag just falls out! this is not so.....at least not on my version, the mags sit tight in there, they have to be pulled out, they can sometimes need you to get your nails in there. this does prevent any accidents but it also means that fast mag change in the heat of battle are not easy, they take time. .speaking of the mags, i hear a lot of complaints that the mags don't fill the full 48 rounds..............this is true, they will not feed the last 3 rounds like any other aeg mag.......im disappointed at this, i would expect this very specific type of weapon to have extended followers but i guess not also the mags will only really hold about 22-26 rounds aside from the 3 that will not feed, i think 30 is a number you may be able to get away with, they are a little temper mental, and £15 for a mag that only has 48 rounds of which will only hold 30 odd is a lot of money, im hoping they are brought out in bulk, but seeing as a lot of people will be using this rifle in a dmr capacity i guess this is forgiveable I know that g&g makes mags with extended followers for its sig series so perhaps they will have this feature for their version of the m1 garand which is coming out shortly .the takedown for this weapon is absolutely amazing, it has a few more steps than say an m4, but the weapon is put together in a way that is so smooth and painless let me better explain my m4 is simple to takedown just 2 pins and slide it apart.........and yet its so rough, when putting it together sometimes it just doesn't go and you need to force it or try again, the g&g l85 was like that......fitting it together just was a bit of knack that had to be learned and it had bits in it that would break so easily if not done carefully! the connector in the motor grip are such a tight fit that any time you take it apart it you may break them, then the motor doesn't always line up with the gears which causes problems... in the ics garand the parts fit together with such ease, the screws don't seem to crumble or cross thread as easily, you don't have to force anything or so carefully line up the edges before joining, the wires and motor are put together in such a way that they wont accidently break its just so pain free!!! .fitting the battery in the stock is a pain though!!! it needs a b it of practice and you do have to bend the very stiff wires!! dinner time, will update at a later time
  7. findiboy16

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    terrible picture i know, ill get some better ones when i get home she is perfect in every way ics m1 garand
  8. findiboy16

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    same game as james from the previouse page my M4 was being a sod on and off but still providing great performance boy do i wish id never taken that helmet off aswell!!!!
  9. findiboy16

    Pics of your Gear

    dear god in heaven heroshark that is the best thing ive seen in ages!!! im really into the idea of making masks for props and photos and randomn fun!!! it must be time consuming but is it exspensive!! do you have any decent online resources??
  10. findiboy16

    H&K Picture Thread

    as she was a few days ago with a little desert dust up going for a contractor loadout needs a metal body though!!!! badly
  11. findiboy16

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    got bored of the whole dmr setup so changed to something a bit more adaptable!! all i need is a decent aimpoint eplica and a magnifier and ill be happy!!!
  12. findiboy16


    nice bolty dude!! thanks i liked it both ways!! was esiar to wield with the m4 stock but i wanna get rid of that wiring yp the fron and have a nice big battery!! felt it looked more sniper-ish with the m16 stock to
  13. findiboy16


    thats pretty much as far as i wanna go externally internally theres much to be done that magpull pts mag is from beta project pretty *suitcase* so far i only use it for show!!! i have a feeling that tape may fix the problem though!!!
  14. findiboy16


    yup 11 for the rail i havent actually measured the barrel but that sounds about right its standard m4 length
  15. findiboy16

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    new work in progress

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