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  1. alexallan

    WA M4

  2. Bought a load bearing vest off Alex.

    Vet arrived no problem, pleasure to do business with him.


  3. Diemaco C8 Sopmod http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r7/Alex...01/100_0818.jpg (If somone has a spare second, could you PM me how to get a pic on the post instead of using photobucket please? I can only seem to upload thumbnail size pics that way, Thanks
  4. alexallan

    Up to date collection

    Guns owned as of Sept. 08
  5. top seller had a lot of stuff off him and never been let down !! would use again

  6. a pleasure to deal with trouble free every time

    cheers allex

  7. 2 Flawless purchases so far. An excellent and reliable seller. Thanks.

  8. Excellent seller , would highly recommend doing buisness together.

  9. What are people's thoughts on this badboy. It was inspired by a rifle on the Magpul Website. (Accs are just my collection, gathered over the years) http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r7/Alex...01/100_0534.jpg
  10. alexallan


    Is this one for sale too? So cool. Been looking for a KSC G26 with silver slide. . .
  11. alexallan


    is this GBB?? For sale??? ha! A w e s o m e
  12. alexallan

    Alex's guns

    Current collection
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