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    M1D(Marushin GarandBase)
    Marushin M1 Garand
    Marushin 98k
    TM Mac-10
    Tm AUG Civ. regular and SMG conversion
    Tm G3A3
    TM G3A4
    TM g3Sg1
    TM M4A1 Newtype
    TM Sr-16
    CA SLR105 U
    CA Scar-l
    CA G3A3
    Ca Sar41
    CA G3SG-1 With Custom Barrel mounted M203
    G&G m14
    ICS MP5
    KSC M93r
    KSC TMP w/supressor
    KSC 226
    KSC cz-75
    KSC M9
    KSC G17
    KSC 1911
    TM 226
    TM Desert Eagle
    TM M9 Tacmaster
    Tanaka Luger 8"
    Jac M16A2
    JG M16RIS
    JG HK416
    (have owned more guns than I wish to admit)
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  1. fadedcorona

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Man I just noticed there's one like it on the previous page Anyways try and Guess my inspiration
  2. Poor seller. Example:

    Hey, ok so I'm not going to lie, I feel a little bit ripped off. I normally ask the appropriate questions about what is and isn't included and the fact I bought something that I can't even use or sell (at a loss) is kind of aggravating. No one has the piece I'd need to make it usable and almost every gun I've worked with that part
  3. Great seller! Bought a Cz75, made the transaction easy and simple. Trustworthy! Thanks a bunch

  4. fadedcorona

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    my first attempt at painting
  5. fadedcorona

    Own(ed) guns

    My airsoft guns over the years, not all are photographed but most are
  6. Bought a M3 retractable stock from him. Great seller


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