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  1. for faster battery change I am actually thinking of connecting the space between the stock's metal fitting and the stock storage space, so then to change the battery I just have to take the stock's two retaining pins off, remove the stock and trough that tube slides the battery. The handle would be for looks though it would be a real steel and would hook on fairly well. I wouldn't trust it anyways though, ha ha. I don't trust G3 slings with the long cocking tube. I always worry I am bending the gun. I am considering drilling 2 holes in the stock's metal attachment and putting a slin
  2. another Wood G3 Feel unoriginal but ehh. I have many other G3 configurations/parts, this is only one, ha ha I think I like it almost as much as my barrel mounted 203 G3. I wonder ... should I get a carry handle for it? also I know, I forgot to put in the other stock pin AK for reference, also it looks sweet with the G3.
  3. Man I just noticed there's one like it on the previous page Anyways try and Guess my inspiration
  4. KSC system7 1911. Real steel hogue grips. All metal slide and frame. The frame seems to be made out of the same metal they cast triggers and many metal controls out of with similar finish. The slide has the same finish as typical KSC/KWA metal slides. There are almost no mold lines. In the top picture, the gun's slide is straight but the camera's lens is not the best. The grips that this came with were a dark brown and plastic. The shooting experience is more enjoyable than the TM 1911 I've had. There is some wear on the slide and trigger guard from holstering. Other t
  5. here's one of my armalite types. I just love the 203 + M16 the only down side is I don't have my heat shield and leaf sight with me so the picture is with some ugly rails on it. ha ha It's not as much the whole gun but meh, everyone's seen an M16. I just love the quadrant sight as well. Too bad with the A3 I can't adjust it beyond 100meters, the carry handle knob gets in the way
  6. I don't even know. I got is cheap. ha ha. it's a cross type reticle so I think it is Guarder.
  7. Poor seller. Example:

    Hey, ok so I'm not going to lie, I feel a little bit ripped off. I normally ask the appropriate questions about what is and isn't included and the fact I bought something that I can't even use or sell (at a loss) is kind of aggravating. No one has the piece I'd need to make it usable and almost every gun I've worked with that part
  8. I have had both 226 as well. I may be unlucky, I bought a KSC to try it out after my trigger spring broke in my TM 226. So I bought a KSC 226, and love it. My mags also had issues for my TM. I also bought the after market KSC metal slide. It's very nice. The recoil is felt much more though the cycling speed is a little slower but it doesn't bother me. It sounds really nice racking my KSC. The only downside I have to say is that with my luck my Piston broke from using hfc22. Though luckily Dentrinity has them in stock The Engravings on the metal slide are a little deeper though
  9. Great seller! Bought a Cz75, made the transaction easy and simple. Trustworthy! Thanks a bunch

  10. amazing gun! Is it very front heavy?
  11. I was too lazy to put in a G3 cocking handle also if I sell it it can still be used on an MP5. Sadly I might sell the front soon. It actually is noticeably quieter... or the noise isn't as sharp as when it has the regular front/flash hider. The CA MP5SD front adds a good heft to it too. Thanks
  12. same gun. Classic Army It shoots at 19rps. I want something fast but not so fast I have to modify my box to much nor worry about it exploding in my face. I also have RIS but that's sort of boring I will also soon have a G3 with a PSG1 stock, drum mag and black slimline. Personally. Oh man. CA body and TM internals.
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