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    just started again after a 10 year break !
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    CA steel custom aims , ca ak74
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    join and help http://airsofthelpinghands.forumotion.net/index.htm
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    my interests atm are eve-online , car's getting out and about
  1. johnnyj


    Its the standard Ivan
  2. johnnyj


    Landed from HK today, Super happy with this set
  3. fully loaded mag loaded in the gun with the bolt closed ?
  4. Some pic's taken at SWAT woodland on the 3rd of this month by tomo , it had not long finished raining ( back of the cap is dripping wet :S ) , ps for dave aimpoint and light used for most of the day
  5. first half of the day i used the aimpoint but after dinner left it off wish i had kept it on now , on a side note mate fps was a woodland happy 350 lol i was more than happy with it and i have not even thorght about stripping the paint off
  6. yes it is mate and the non-artificial wear is coming a long nice now
  7. My first real molle loadout and fill's my needs so far Templar RPC Warrior Medium Medic / Utility Pouch bulle admin pannel bulle small ordance pouch Eagle Industries 100rnd mag pouch
  8. never posted here so dropping some photo's from my last 3 games at SWAT URBAN chester all photo's are thanks to NUTZ
  9. took a chance and got an outside photo of my ak's vfc aks74u ca delux custom romi/aims
  10. just had a quick look at my pdw the hole at the back is in line with the gearbox exit hole for the wiring so yes it can be done easy
  11. just took mine out and looked in the old spare's box got to say i dont know if you will get hold of one :s unless you can get down a very good hardwear store its 9mm across and 5mm deep as its a copy of the vfc an email to them might be on order ? or get some wanted adds up i am sure there are lots of people that swapped over the grips for standard m4 size so they can use the long motors if you do happen to email vfc i am in need of the pin that holds the bolt release
  12. Got this little jem off these forums it was in a non-working state and in a poor state had a bit of time tonight so did some work stripping the home done paint job and getting it to work again ( worn down hammer ) Its a WA p14.45 para ord combat carry before with some of the paint removed on the slide and after with most of the paint removed to leave a nice finish
  13. johnnyj

    AGM M4 GBB

    hi guys i have a bit of a problem my agm m4 has a broken nozzel so i have been looking over on ebanned for a full bolt carrier set they have 3-4 on there what would you guys go for ? G&P full bolt £47 steel JDT full set £49 or just go for the £10 high power nozzel set ?
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