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    just started again after a 10 year break !
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  1. Super long shot but I'm after the g&g psg1 body set might even consider a full rifle if it has this body set. Even if you know of a place that might have 1 in stock let me know Thanks jj
  2. Hi, looking for any old g&p rifles ( working / broken / painted ) and even parts you might have hidden away. Top of my list is m16a1 lower and spr front sets but always happy to look at most g&p stuff. Thanks john
  3. any G&P classic Ar's , XM , VN , a1, m733 well anything that has a built in carry handle dead or alive
  4. johnnyj


    Its the standard Ivan
  5. johnnyj


    Landed from HK today, Super happy with this set
  6. fully loaded mag loaded in the gun with the bolt closed ?
  7. Some pic's taken at SWAT woodland on the 3rd of this month by tomo , it had not long finished raining ( back of the cap is dripping wet :S ) , ps for dave aimpoint and light used for most of the day
  8. first half of the day i used the aimpoint but after dinner left it off wish i had kept it on now , on a side note mate fps was a woodland happy 350 lol i was more than happy with it and i have not even thorght about stripping the paint off
  9. yes it is mate and the non-artificial wear is coming a long nice now
  10. My first real molle loadout and fill's my needs so far Templar RPC Warrior Medium Medic / Utility Pouch bulle admin pannel bulle small ordance pouch Eagle Industries 100rnd mag pouch
  11. never posted here so dropping some photo's from my last 3 games at SWAT URBAN chester all photo's are thanks to NUTZ
  12. took a chance and got an outside photo of my ak's vfc aks74u ca delux custom romi/aims
  13. just had a quick look at my pdw the hole at the back is in line with the gearbox exit hole for the wiring so yes it can be done easy
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