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  1. I was gonna say it was Israeli by the Hebrew script on the sling...
  2. 'scuse my ignorance, but why would someone have vertical PALS? And yes. The Red Sox utterly destroyed the Rockies.
  3. I think the ruling was that it had to be a faithful recreation of the actual MG36, it couldn't just be a G36 with a bipod. The list for support and sniper weapons was pretty limited, IIRC. before you ask, i wasn't there, i just checked out the different rulings on the rules page and heard stuff from people who went.
  4. Sorry man, but I doubt it. It IS a US Military Base, after all. Actually, during the 2005 Boy Scouts of America Jamboree at For AP Hill, I don't think people of other nationalities were admitted, either (or if they were, there was a fair bit of paperwork).
  5. Sorry Bob... the thing is, it needs to be an UNHOLY fusion... unfortunately, the stuff you listed would actually work.
  6. I've heard conflicting thing about the body; one says it's stamped sheet metal, another says plastic...
  7. I don't recall seeing an M203 on the MGS-4 gun Snake uses... PEQ-II unit, though, I did see. hm.
  8. RAD! It's HK from the Utah Airsoft forums! love the pics. Hope you guys are doin well and all. where'd you guys get the green berets?
  9. lol i think this is kinda pushing the forum rules, innit?
  10. WOW. can somebody say HALO2? I really want something like that to pull off my airsoft dream of UNSC-Marine look!
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