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  1. Got bored, decided to try something on my pro-tec, less shiney irl and that lime green isnt really that lime >.>
  2. yes, its the MCT budget, and no the hawg isnt molle compatable, altho i think you COULD mod it if you had the time and stuff to do it. aka remove the straps, add in something for alice clips or something. EDIT, hawg pics. profile. the bottom, that channal is soooo good, and very well padded, the belt folds back into those lil pouches at the bottom. flap in the main pocket-thing for pokeing out a arial or anouther bladder. the front pocket, which is realy a orginiser thing, great if your going away for the weekend.
  3. posibly my finaly RAV setup (altho, i would LIKE a proper radio pouch and a hydration pouch, useing my hawg for all that at the mo.)
  4. Just my vests as of late. top left to right, MCT RAV, SDS Molle 2, Guarder PT bottom left to right, MBSS replica, old omega copy (cant remember where i got it)
  5. stock TM M16 A2 with a guarder 3 point. ICS M4 with guarder aimpoint and laylax peq.
  6. ..... -makes 'save the catgirl' petition- SAVE TEH CATGIRL!
  7. -peforms CPR to thread- found these earlyer.
  8. ...... you lucky b*****d to have acses to a set like that........ nice pics too
  9. nice, i was going to get one of these a while ago, but i got my TT instead, still looks damn nice
  10. you should put that up on deviantart -nods-
  11. donnie.. may i ask what you do for a job?
  12. ... why was there a C4 film crew there? good review mate.
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