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  1. ^ That is so perfect. Just the way it is.
  2. real sword is gonna make an svds according to their 'comming soon' advertisement and an svd with realistic polymer furniture but i think what would be lovely is an svu
  3. nah AtoZ. doesn't work well anymore cause a pin fell out in a game and the internals are dirty. looks nice though
  4. Thats nice looking. How easy did the wood fit?
  5. hey bankz is that a real steel grip on you 10 inch leon? if not then where did yow get that?
  6. ive seen tm aks used in a documentary or it might have 'ultimate force' with Ross Kemp. Anyway you could tell they were tm cause they still all had that red sticker you get with tm guns.
  7. I used ronseal walnut satin stain after i sanded off the origional varnish. But to be honest, it looks a lot better in that picture than in real life cause the wood kit i got wasn't really well made so the handguards are mishapen. Also, the job i did of re-finishing it wasn't too good cause the butplate doesn't sit flush with the stock now after the sanding. I should have used gloss stain aswell, not satin. Thanks for the comments though!
  8. My AtoZ with sanded down, then restained furniture. Just was playing with it it the garden. EDIT: Just noticed the dog ######.
  9. Dragunovs can go in the AK thread... they don't have one of their own. Besides, they are pretty similar. AtoZ SVD & PSO-1
  10. ^That's a nice pair! Look great together in that picture. Made me want more DEs... Reminds me of that Batman movie where Twoface (at least i think that's his name) has a black gun for his bad side and a chrome one for his bad side. Is cool man! Edit: Is 'Batman: Forever' me thinks.
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