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  1. Nevermind.. I opened up the motor cage and saw that it was a long type.. It just looked different in the cage with the short spring. R85 now fixed
  2. Does anyone know what type of motor are in these? Short or medium shaft? I've managed to break one of the tabs on mine
  3. My frankenstein MP5 which I built out of CA, TM & ICS parts. Nothing exciting to look at really but very solid and pumps out 350fps
  4. I put this together this afternoon..
  5. My M4 SPC I'm currently reluctantly selling.. (it's in the UK for sale thread but I'm not flogging it here!) I took pics for the sale but thought I'd post one here too. Nothing exciting but it's really nice Completely custom built internally and externally.
  6. Thanks mate! It's my first G&P bodied M4 and I'm really pleased with it so far TM upgraded M4 gearbox, G&P M4A1 front end, hop & inner barrel, G&P Marine body. TM M4-S LE Stock, TM M4 handgrip, CA metal carry handle & CA body furniture that didn't come with the body.
  7. Yeah I thought of doing that, but I had so many spares lying around I just had to buy the front end (unused - second hand) and body (new) so it was really cheap
  8. Nice 'n' simple.... My 1st project gun I built this last night from scratch
  9. Yeah that looks much nicer than either a RIS model or half a standard handguard
  10. Some very nice Armies so far!! Here's mine. (apologies for crappy phone pics!) CA M15A4 CQB Various stuff bolted on. Various upgraded internals. TM M4-S System Various stuff bolted on. Upgraded / rear wired gearbox for full stock / large battery.
  11. skyflash.. I just saw those pics on militaryphotos.net very nice
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