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    *TM FAMAS: w/ vert grip, scope mount, reflex red dot, Standard ratio gears, PDI %150, & metal bushings, shooting at around 350 FPS.


    *TM G3/SG1: Systema Polycarbonate piston, bearing spring guide, Guarder air nozzle, M100, precision barrel, systema hop-up bucking, and metal bushings, shooting at 360, chronoed.

    *KWA M93R: Metal slide, high flow valves, and an upgraded recoil spring.

    *Star SCAR H with EGLM, my new baby 8D
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    'How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.'
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    Daytona Beach, FL
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    Airsoft<br />Movies<br />Cars<br />R/C<br />Classical Music<br />Misspelling words on AIM, and Steam.
  1. That silencer! You've GOT to be compensating for something.....
  2. ehh, dont think so, I know guns, but not tanks/helis/jets/etc Many thanks
  3. Probably a dumb question, but is the cannon rifled? If so, why does it look straight? If not, what is it, and why isnt it rifled? Edit: took out quoted pic
  4. wooooowowow thats a pretty catty [/jealous] Only been at college 3 days and miss my Misty already Edit: Forgot to not quote images
  5. Happy birthday greg!

  6. Flashpoint Division's Newest member. She's our top secret undercover operative 8D She's been trained to hide her identity as well, and knows how to avoid cameras XD:
  7. You're lefty? Gah, lol, even looking at it makes me uncomfortable
  8. It's a STAR, and it's H. The EGLM is pretty weighted for a grenade launcher, I'd estimate it at about 7-8 lbs. The problem is not so much the weight of the gun, it's more the balance. If you split it at the handle, you can see that behind it, there's the very lightweight plastic stock, which houses a small, lightweight battery(I use a li-po, adds virtually no weight), and in front of the handle you have the upper receiver, gearbox, ris, grenade launcher, etc. So it all adds up and makes it very front heavy. In spite of that, it's still actually a pretty comfortable gun. I can shoulder it reaso
  9. I've changed it up a bit since before
  10. Here's my baby, Im thinking it really needs some optics, but I'm not sure if Im willing to shell out the cash
  11. Well, what do you mean by not responding? Can you feel the movable(sp? that's supposed to be the ability to move) contact snapping back into place? Or, is it moving forward but not far enough? Or, is it moving as far forward as it needs to be, but making a bad connection. I would say it's either a bad connection, like dliberty said, which you would mean there's either corrosion, or both of the non-movable tabs aren't touching. Open your gearbox, and look for corrosion on all 3 contacts, and then slide the contacts together, and make sure that the non-movable ones are BOTH touching the mov
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