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  1. Looking to add a RPG to my collection of 40mm toys. Please do drop me a pm if you have one to sell. Cheers
  2. Sorted, grabbed one of zeroin.
  3. After some tag launcher shells, let me know if you have some to sell. Cheers
  4. You have PM sir
  5. Bump - still looking for a RPG-7 if anyone has one gathering dust. Willing to buy broken as well as working. Cheers
  6. svman

    WE Colt Junior

    I love it, so small you can use a pistol mag pouch as a holster.
  7. svman

    WE Colt Junior

    Mine arrived today and i'm very impressed with it. I think WE rely did a good job on these. Cant wait to rack up the kills with it. No more bang kills for me.
  8. Up for sale is a madbull xm-204hp 40mm shower shell. These shells are the best money can buy and retail for £75 + when purchased brand new. when you buy madbull shells you are paying for the quality of the machining work that goes into the shells production. This is why these shells are able to work reliably with high pressure gases like co2 and HPA and dont let you down like so many cheaply made alternatives. These shells rely shine when using co2 and provide excellent range even in the winter months, but they can also be used with HPA (must be regulated) green gas or propain. The shell is supplied gas tight and ready to rock and will also cone with some spare o rings for the internal valve core so if you do blow a seal you can be back in the game in under 3 minuits. As you can see from the pics this shell is mint and in like new condition. The price is £49.99 all in inclusive of paypal fees and recorded delivery to your door saving you around £30 of the price of buying brand new. Any questions please do drop me a pm. Cheers
  9. still on the hunt for more of these. If you have any to sell drop me a pm. cheers
  10. As tital i'm after a madbull pb4 co2 grenade
  11. After one of those cyma pistol grenade launchers. May be interested in other pistol launcher as long as there 40mm. Let me know what you have. Cheers
  12. svman

    Madbull 200rd shower shell

    Would you take £27.50 all in posted for the 200 round shell? For some reason I cant pm you. Says you cant receive messages
  13. Keeping my eyes peeld for a CAW revolver launcher. drop me a pm if you have one for sale. Not interested in an ics mgl. Still looking for more madbull pb4 grenades as well. cheers
  14. svman

    Madbull 200rd shower shell

    A bit of a long shot but you dont have any madbull pb4 shells to sell do you?
  15. svman

    Golden Eagle real wood 870´s

    love the look of the sawn off version. If they turn up in UK stores i'll take one but i promised myself i wouldn't import anymore. It rely bugs me that you cant pre pay importation tax and have to pay the handling fee on top as a result.
  16. putting my tm spas 12 with folding stock and hook up for sale. Rely dont want to let this one go but looking for more cash to fund my new 40mm addiction. Gun shoots flawlessly and comes with 4 shells, 3 x cyma and 1x tm. Pretty sure ive got some more shells lying around and will update thread when and if i find them. This has been to the odd skirmish and as such there is light surface scratching from sling etc. Nothing too bad but this hasnt sat in its box the whole time either. Looking for £299 posted and paypalled. Yes i'm asking a lot bit then again i dont rely want to sell it. Huge discounts for anyone with madbull pb4 shells to trade. Any questions drop me a pm. Cheers
  17. svman

    WE Colt Junior

    need two of these for hot fuzz vicker load out. Get on with it WE
  18. If anyone has a way of getting hold of Stubert could you please send him a message for me? I was going to be purchasing a CAW revolver launcher off him several months back and he sort of disapeard off the face of the earth so to speak. Ive sent him all of my contact detail etc but havent herd from him. If theres anybody that is able to give him a nudge please let him know that i would still very much like to buy his CAW revolver launcher if it is still available. Cheers
  19. Ok so ive decided to put the most expensive airsoft gun i have ever owned up for sale. Theres no rush to sell its just it dosent see the use it deserves and i fancy some money to put into my new 40mm addiction. To start with i'm going to list items included with there brand new price tags. Please feel free to search the web and confirm these. Remember to add around %20 when looking at items only available outside of Europe and you need to pay shipping too but i'm leaving that out to keep things simple. I would post links to websites but that would be deemed naughty on this forum. current configiration. List directly below is all the parts that are installed at the moment. Tanaka m870 police - £456 Real steel remington 870 forend tube - £57.40 Real steel remington 870 forend tube nut - £11.60 Real steel remington 870 carrier dog - £13.10 1 x custom made by machine shop tool steel striker pin = bit the hammer hits - £35 TSC steel reinforced breach bolt assembly - £155.50 TSC steel hammer and sear connector - £60 G & P steel folding stock set - £75 G & P steel barrel clamp & QD sling mount - £15.60 pps folding shell catcher - £18.50 pps 6 shell side saddle - £30.70 pps 1 piece steel slide block - £10 Genuine tanaka extended outer barrle - swapped it with somone for the shorter version and paid them £30 tanaka magazine tube extension bought second hand for £20 real steel wooden for end/ pump grip bought second hand for £20 spare parts, not fitted at the moment Original tanaka black plasstic stock and for end original tanaka magazine tube cap and short spring 1 x custom made by machine shop tool steel striker pin = bit the hammer hits - £35 3 x pps 870 plastic loading chamber - £24.10 real steel remington 870 hammer - £13.10 original tanaka plastic breach block assembley. As you can see this shotgun represents a lot of money spent. Well Over £1000 when you add it all up. However every little piece of cheese metal that the original tanakas were made from has been replaced with steel and what you are left with is a rock solid shell ejecting shottie that does not die. The only part that i think will fail is the plastic shell chamber but with 3 spares this 870 should out last me. now they say the whole is greater than the sum of its parts but unfortunatly for me i know i'm not gonna sell ir for a price that is. Bearing in mind that i'm not including any shells with this as i would like to keep them for my other shotguns. I'm asking for £599 all in paypalled and posted. I could add shells to the package but you might as well buy them new from somewhere else. Viewing is highly recomended as this beast will certainly bring a smile to anyones face. will trade this for a decent quantity of madbull pb4 shells so if your hoarding them and fancy a change i'm sure we could work something out. Also wouldnt mind a deepfire m72a2 2017 metal version or AT4 if you have one. Pictures are too big to upload so if your interested then please pm me your email address and i will send them over. Any questions drop me a pm. Cheers rob
  20. Got some foam rubber launchable 40mm grenades for sale. These fit in any 40mm grenade launcher that has enough room in front of the grenade shell. Fine in a long barreld m203 but no good for one of those pistol launchers with a short barel. The grenades are 12.5 cm long so if in doubt put a shell in your launcher and measure the remaining barrel length with a ruler. These things are nice and safe as they are soft and spongy, a little softer than a nerf pocket howler with the added bonus that this actualy fits in 40mm launchers. Can be launched with any 40mm shell as long as you don't put bbs in it and let the gas push the foam grenade. However the bigger your gas capacity the further they will fly. They spin in the air due to the canted tail fins. these are home made and will have mould lines and small air bubbles etc. all prices include postage inside the uk and paypal. £10 for 1 £15 for 2 £20 for 3 and £35 for 7. I made these because i couldnt buy them and ive got more materials than i need just for myself hense im gonna sell the extra to get some of my money back. Not going to make loads, once the various bottles of chemicals are empty thats it. Any questions drop me a pm. Cheers

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