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  1. Drake, How does that ranger grip work for you? Is it comfortable or does it sit to far forward?
  2. its a crazy Ivan, got it from a buddy in the army.
  3. JBuhl

    1K club

    Don't be jealous little man. I just wanted to remenber it all before I payoff my bills
  4. so you shoot with your middle finger huh
  5. I just started having this problem as well today, along with the BB's not feeding at all.
  6. I am in the process of finishing my basement. And I will be turning one of the bedrooms into a "war room". Just wanted to see some pictures of how you collectors and playery display your weapons. so static, m.thumwood, lets see some pictures.
  7. JBuhl

    Some of guns

    pictures of some of my guns
  8. JBuhl

    1911 Picture Thread

    god i want your collection
  9. Evil Knevil, what kind of mp5 is that (tm,ics, ca,ect). also isthat a silenced P99? Looks good
  10. her is pictures of my guns. sorry my camera doesnt work so i cheateda1.doca1.doc
  11. JBuhl


    sale items
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