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  1. speculator

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Pictures from that past weekend skirmish (Courtesy of TFS Milsim Media)!
  2. speculator

    Real Sword Type 97

    Have someone that may be able to get me a slingloop version but it'll definitely cost more than a replacement. Sent a message to Real Sword and no luck with any responses yet. I'll be hopeful.
  3. speculator

    Real Sword Type 97

    So I accidentally lost my handguard retention pin during a game :\. Anyone know where I could get a replacement?
  4. speculator

    BTC V2 Spectre FET First Impressions

    "It just means your motor is still not coming to a stop quick enough. You can either increase the braking or try cleaning out our motor to increase the effectiveness of braking. (A dirty/worn motor is less effective at braking." I'm using an 11.1v and high 16:1 gears. Noticed that 7.4v make the tappet/nozzle less likely for the issue to happen (those it does depress halfway). I'm going to try cleaning the motor and see how it goes. Active braking is set to light.
  5. speculator

    BTC V2 Spectre FET First Impressions

    Thanks! Got some great support from BTC as well and I'll be trying it out.
  6. speculator

    BTC V2 Spectre FET First Impressions

    Finally got mine up and running! I was originally having the same issue as you Seal where the piston wouldn't fully go forward after firing but reshimming and setting a low motor brake helped. However, the tappet plate and nozzle seem to be stuck in the cocked position after firing...in both single and auto. Is this normal? Anyone else have that issue?
  7. speculator

    TM FN Five-seveN GBB

    Thanks! That's good knowledge to know. It's a shame that the mag catch wears down so fast.
  8. speculator

    TM FN Five-seveN GBB

    Has anyone had any issues with magazines not shooting unless the mag is held tightly in the pistol? I've also noticed that if i rack the slide back, it'd sometimes drop my mag right out of the gun. (Recently upgraded it with a creation slide and steel barrel)
  9. speculator


    Just got mine in! as well an apple airsoft nozzle and wii tech ball bearing spring guide. Will let everyone know how it works on the field. (from what I gather, the system is pretty much a standard v2 hopup style) hmm anyone have problems with loose triggers on full auto? if i pull it all the way down, it seems the contacts will get loose and stop firing. If i pull it gently, I can fire full auto with no issues.
  10. speculator

    WE MSK Review

    Been thinking of picking one up and maybe sharing the rail handguard with my PTS ACR. Has anyone tried that?
  11. speculator

    H&K Picture Thread

    Iron Airsoft (originally wanted to use my EGLM on it, but the rail is too long and the magwell is too fat. That was enough of an excuse for me to purchase an IR M320).
  12. speculator

    H&K Picture Thread

    My HK416 is now complete!
  13. speculator

    Real Sword Type 97

    Yeah I absolutely love my T97b (The reshimming helped substantially). My optics sit a little high on my rail (terrible for when you're trying to keep a low profile on the field), so I actually just use my sights instead. Fantastic range after sticking a 455mm tightbore in it as well. Just got a complete modern PLA loadout as well (god the FLC molle style vests were hard to source), so I'll see if I can get some pics up sometime.
  14. speculator

    Real Sword Type 97

    ah nah it's preowned, but never opened. (previous owner only changed out the spring). I finally took a look at it and it seems the gears were shimmed too tightly (gears and motor itself were still in immaculate condition though. This gun is a beast). Reshimmed it and the gearbox is MUCH smoother.
  15. speculator

    Real Sword Type 97

    Had a quick question, but is the T97b suppose to sound grindier than other aegs (I haven't had a chance to take it apart yet and it seems pretty well shimmed)? Sounds pretty bad on a 7.4v lipo.

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