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  1. The guy on the right has got my everlasting respect! This is me in a skirm somewhere in September. This is in an old monastry somewhere in June: (more nice pics of that fabulous skirm here) Me an a teammate during the briefing that skirm: (the two with jeans and green hoodie) Yup, I'm anti-gear.
  2. That pouches aren't week side mounted. They're front mounted, and he's 'shooting' to the left.
  3. Dutch DPM is more brownish if you ask me. I can recongnise it every time I see it, and that's without analysing 'little scattered dots'
  4. If I'm not mistaken, it's not a FAL, but a SIG. Those books are _very_ nice btw. Very original and cool.
  5. Picture removed for security reasons. Please, regardless, think before you post a pic of a card - Credit, Bank or other - even if the details are deemed important or other
  6. Indeed great pics, and I reallydefenitely like the ACOG/EOTech combo. But since when do cars drive on grass? It more looks like a footballfield to me
  7. Trigger guard But I second your opinion Dom: that's one nice slide you got there.
  8. lol, where do you put your battery? oO
  9. FN Herstal, Belgian company, doesn't have much to do with this case. Those uppers are produced by the FN USA factory in Columbia (if I recall correctly), which is led by US citizens, and employs US citizens.
  10. That looks like Lego... o.O But I do like the smiley on your AP cover
  11. those Hogue grips are rrrrrrrrrealy nice on that gun.
  12. I really like the used/dusted look.
  13. Iez nize [/borat] Although I've never liked the canadian mags. With a normal mag I would die for that gun.
  14. Lovecraft, you still call that an Armalite member? My new one arrived today: Will add new grip and stock; and new frontset, most probably 733 length.
  15. Look in your area for an engraver of trophies (the kind of things they give the winner in a championship). With some $$ they want to engrave everything into everything for you, including taunts into receivers. Btw, I've got a DBOYS M4CQB... (coincidence?)
  16. Where do you store your battery? It's funny BTW, because I'm building almost exact the same gun. Only difference is that I'm putting on a RebarCutter (or should I say RebarKiller) instead of the silencer; and I'm gonna make my own ZK trades.
  17. Haha yup, all correct. Except for the fact that it isn't Echo1 but ACM from RSOV. Too bad one week after I bought this package, DBOYS came with a decent SPR. I silently cried inside, lol.
  18. To get back on topic, some pics of the rifle I ordered for a friend: Yeah I know, the scope isn't as badass as ment to be ^^
  19. Shoulderrig. Insane coolness.
  20. Sweet gorilla of manilla, ViciousV10. Does anyone know if there's a shop where you still can order the normal Defender (like the V10 but without the exhaust ports, and cheaper, lol)? UNC and WGC don't carry them anymore...
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