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  1. HellsAngel

    Glock Picture Thread

    What slide stop are you using Vicious? Slide looks really great
  2. HellsAngel

    SIG Picture Thread

    It's perfectly normal and nothing to worry about, have a look at older Sig slides just for some reference.
  3. HellsAngel

    Glock Picture Thread

    Fin - The real mag catch is plastic iirc
  4. HellsAngel

    SIG Picture Thread

    The 556 is undeniably a SIG rifle, just with improved ergonomics and functions. I prefer (by a BIG margin) the old school looks of the 550-552 but the 556 is an improvement. If I were to request a SIG rifle, it would be the 556. Stanag mags and bolt closure... It simply is better.

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