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  1. That's the first airsoft G3K i've seen, very nice to see you have the correct length foregrip
  2. I love the HK79... But that still looks cool
  3. I think it looks great, RIS/RAS often looks the best with nothing on it. I know it's only a movie, but nothing on the RIS... You can just argue you were issued with an RIS grip
  4. Oh... Nice Is the ACOG real or a copy? And where did you get a PMag?! So jealous...
  5. That MP7 pic looks like a professional promo shot
  6. Luv2shoot: That looks fantastic
  7. Probably a team marker? Why don't you try painting your gun FarEast? Would really finish the look
  8. That's my dream FAL setup right there... Nice
  9. What slide stop are you using Vicious? Slide looks really great
  10. It's perfectly normal and nothing to worry about, have a look at older Sig slides just for some reference.
  11. Nice looking M16 Speculator Any more pics?
  12. Fin - The real mag catch is plastic iirc
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