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  1. UZI with Israeli Six-Day War gear
  2. AKS74 with 1980's Soviet-Era VDV gear
  3. Not sure why I can't just edit my post? Reedited the picture a bit so that it doesn't look quite as drab: Thanks for the compliments HorseM4n
  4. G&G M14... This is supposed to be an HDR image but it came out quite poorly. I don't think one of the pictures I used was light enough.
  5. About finished with my AKM project... All genuine Soviet wood parts! Just have to get rid of the gap between the stock and the receiver, the side rail, and the *suitcasey* Echo 1 trademarks.
  6. Added genuine Soviet plum handguards to my AKS74:
  7. This is my second attempt at creating an HDR image. I think it turned out pretty well! RS Type 56
  8. I've got an Ares L1A1 - Completely bone stock (internally) and shoots amazingly well with .28s.
  9. Not hard at all, the stock was a bit easier to work with than wood ones I have done in the past. I did end up cracking the upper handguard a little during fitting, however.
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