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  1. Anyone know where to source an RPK barrel + bipod, and a wood kit for an AK-47 to RPK conversion, at a decent price? I finally managed to pick up an AK, and of course RSOV and Gunner, etc are out of stock / discontinued of both of those! I'm not too keen on dropping $500 on the RMS kit or more for the Guarder; any other options? I was thinking taking the front end of a JG Dragunov, but I know jack-all about AKs so I have no idea if this would work.. [edit] Oh poo, mods, feel free to move/delete, thought I made a new topic in General! [edit2] Just reported po
  2. I'd really love to know too, I want to grab one of these for CQB purposes.
  3. Sweet. Thanks for the review, mate!
  4. I'd snap up an Arnie's patch or three. Subdued, of course.
  5. If there are no indents in the sights to keep them "protected" against rubbing off, will they adhere well enough to not fall off when in use? I've been looking for something like this for my Desert Eagle in nighttime CQB situations, and there are no markings at all on the sights. On a black handgun, makes it tough to aim in the dark.
  6. Oh hai, nice avatar.

  7. I appreciate it mate, gonna pick up a few of those parts for my new rifle soon. Thanks!
  8. Gorgeous rifle, mind posting up a parts list?
  9. Good stuff, snowman, thanks a lot! Looks like I'm gonna have to get some of these.
  10. Gah! After seeing another great review for this pistol I'm really thinking about getting it. Since I'm gonna be running it off of propane, the efficiency isn't a big deal. Propane is cheap! Man, look at me talk myself into it.. Alas poor wallet! I knew him, Horatio...
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