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  1. Hey, just a quick point about groin protectors that was mentioned somewhere As your femoral artery runs all the way down the thigh then the groin protector isn't designed to protect that, especially as the artery is further around the leg than the groin protector covers The groin is an extremely sensitive area of the body (obviously lol) and a lot of blood goes through the area - three gueeses as to why , you can't survive very long if you get shot there, it's similar to getting shot in the stomach, things are very messy and painful but the result is the same, you die if you don't g
  2. Some of these are really good guys! two quick tips though: 1. taking photos of your gun from weird angles is NOT artistic - an M14 lying down on concrete for instance......... (sorry to pick on you, just the last one i saw ) if it was surrounded by authentic gear or photoshopped in a cool way that WOULD be but as it stands, isn't. 2. Bring the resolution down guys! that last pic was huooooge lol! it looks like a really good pic but it'd be so much better if i could appreciate it without having to scroll Great pic though Dokidoki Cheers Rob
  3. seeing as here's a ready made thread!... hope you don't mind but... i'm trying to create a delta sniper impression, yes we've seen it all before i know! but i'm doing it in US woodland but along the theme of Delta in Somalia '93 if you get me - similar kit but in a different enviroment. - that sounds like it's been done so many times before i know but it's actually quite unique judging from the few i've seen. Could anyone point me towards recommended head gear in general please? helmet (i suppose a protec but there are so damn many! and perhaps someone has a better suggestion),
  4. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? DAMN ######S and every other profanity out there!!! ah well i suppoooooose it gives other retailers time to manufacture parts so that when i do buy it i will be able to buy everything at once. hopfeully anyway... shame about the gears - i wanted a nice phoenix set for this but out the window that goes........
  5. Here you are (any excuse for me )
  6. Fareast, do you know when they are going to be releasing the scope mount? are there any other accessories they're releasing imminently? Jealousy is a terrible TERRIBLE thing thanks RobbyC
  7. yeah that's bloody good mate! - really good effect you've got going there! - i meant ash in the ash tray actually but what you've done with the smoke replicates the idea in a different way. very good photo
  8. the bayonet may be useless these days but knives aren't, i still think that knives like Fairbairn and Sykes commando knife (arguably the best knife ever designed) have a use over such things as a silenced, low-calibre pistol. it is the only way too ensure complete and utter silence if you know what you're doing, it can also be thrown because of the way it was designed the weight is pretty much perfect and you won't run out of mags no i totally agree, bayonets are for show these days, and in ways they should still be around because in such establishments as the British army they h
  9. bit of a dilema here guys... should enzo delete his own post for not reading the thread rules? looks hard work sweeping that house an all... (he seems to enjoy editing everyone elses for minor points) ok not bitching really just pointing something funny out - i love the AG36 lmao i like the pink smoke!
  10. just been arsing around in photoshop; any ideas? all thoughts appreciated...
  11. actually on second glances the background isn't too bland at all - it's fine i think it was the lack of ash from a half smoked cigar that made me laugh still as i said nice picture
  12. that's nice, i like it. can i make constructive criticisms? well you get them anyway the £20s look a bit arranged and there's no ash from a half smoked cigar lol but it's a really nice effect you've got going there simple is good but you can make things look bland without enough background but maybe that's just me anyway it's still a really nice pic EDIT: really nice lighting effect you've got there!
  13. As you have so much money you should buy Call of Duty and have a look at the maps i recommend Ponyri - not that's be cool ...... i'll try and get some for you later mate
  14. RobbyC

    Unholy Fusions

    can i ask you to put a harris bi pod on that - and then stuff a barret barrel and muzzle break on it pls? lol that is one nice loooking piece of kit - i imagine it as something Bourne would carry (the book version not the ###### from the films ) you'd be getting rep from me for that .... however
  15. I don't like bitching but can some people please read the front page of this thread - stuff like that should be posted in the gear thread me thinks a side from my obsessive compulsive disorder nice kit!!
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