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  1. so have you gotten a chance to try out the range on this yet?
  2. ###### my Well R2 didn't come with one.
  3. Oh I got it off, I thought only the tip would come off but the whole front outer barrel did, Now how do I attacked a mock silencer?
  4. How did you get a silencer on yours? My well didnt come with any threaded adaptor. Is the orange tip suppose to be able to screw off because it feels pretty tightly on for mine.
  5. Does the JG high cap require much winding? I have the Well and although I like the drum mag I'm not a fan of the winding. I might just get a bunch of stanard 58 rd. mags instead.
  6. So is this the same as the ACM M4 GBB? I'm starting to get confused with so many coming out
  7. but it varies depending on which coast you send it to right? I mean I assume it is cheaper to ship it to California than New York.
  8. CrazyJ

    KJW M4

    wow looks great, so which HK shops are gonna start carrying this?
  9. holy ###### that sucks to hear, I live in SoCal where 90 degree weather is the norm during the summers so I'd probably be worried to use this then. Then again I'm a pansy and I probably will avoid playing during summers since its too hot anyway.
  10. If Airsoft Buddy continues to provide a competitive price then we should continue to buy from him. I am interested in checking out the Gen2 though. Anodized receivers sound so tempting to see in person and I have yet to fire one. I'll stop by tomorrow to see if they have a display model.
  11. thanks for the video! Im not a fan of the SAA though but if Tanaka makes a M29 as others have said I am sold. How does it feel to shoot though? I'd tought the gun have somewhat of a kick but the video made it look like you were shooting a springer, though that may be because its a video, hard to tell.
  12. well thats good to know that Well actually made something decent. Although its too bad they wont have much time to cash in on this since JG is making one as well. I'd be interested in seeing an in-depth comparison review of the two when its released next month.
  13. Wow thanks for the link, it looks really good, I will probably save up for that if the price is not too bad
  14. Holy Jesus, Mightyjebus! That is one nice collection, but damn I am jealous of all you guys with GP-30's. STAR is the only one that makes it right? Moreso its $200 or more everywhere I look.
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