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  1. Oh yes, my real steel experiences whilst my millitary service were, that I can not hit a target in man size at a distance of 50 meters with a 9mm Pistol even with iron sights steadily, maybe one of three and so did all my comrades! So with just sighting over the barel I asume to hit nothing, only making some shot noice ! Lance
  2. Hi, I do not want to offend you, but to you really want to call this a review? With thw wobble from the mag in the mag well, may be you can put some polster tape in the mag in the right place to prevent it, I did this with my Classic Army M15, and it works well. All the other AEGs that i have and are compatible to M4 mags (Star FNC, Aimtop M4) have a right tight fit and with a real tight fit you will get other problems... And I think the KA M4A1 has the same iron sights as all the other M4A1 airsoft guns out there isn't it? I think for airsoft they should do their job, may be you will need a
  3. arggh where is the review? Thought this is the review section? Lance Btw. the SD97 is a well MB05 and this is 100% VSR10 compatible
  4. thank you steaktipz, that sounds good to me. Lance
  5. ok, I understand that the advice is to stick with the Cyma RPK highcaps. So does anybody know, how many BBs this mag feeds until you have to turn the spinning wheel again? Thx Lance
  6. thx for the source of the bibod. And with the magazines, it`s the CM HCs or electrical drum mags. will the cyma drum mags fit? Lance
  7. One other thing worries me, the mag compatibilty of the gun. I own a cyma AKM (CM 048M) which is very picky even with the CM-Mags I bought. I don't like usual Highcaps so the question is, will the MAG Mid Caps for RPK74 fit end feet and what about the cyma AK electrical drum mags? And are there any adivces for the internals beyond reshimming and changing the hop up rubber? Thx Lance BTW. at gunfire.pl is this thing at sale for a very low price in my opinion...
  8. Do you now any source for a real steel bipod kit? Don't like the thought of a fast broken bipod when going prone... Lance
  9. replacing with what? original parts? thx lance
  10. aeh... where is the review in this threat? Lance
  11. ..they fit if they are they were for the right "gassystem", System7/NS2 and without this. Lance
  12. these ones will fit: http://www.begadishop.de/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=585_88_81_413&products_id=5779 http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/tokyo-marui-7-2v-500mah-hydride-battery-for-electric-fixed-slide-pistols.html and this is a real nice one: http://www.bilder-space.de/bilder/92293a-1287139490.jpg available at konrad.technik@hotmail.com Lance
  13. Do you mean ARES in the US or in HK? Because last time I emailed ARES in HK for a spare part or for accessories the answer was to go to the local dealer... Thx Lance
  14. thx, yes I meant the bipod folded. What metal ring? can you make a picture of the pin with the metal ring, cause I think there is no metal ring at mine. Lance
  15. hi somegirls, is this rust on the screw and the long pin holding the dustcover in this picture here? Lance
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