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  1. can not talk for the dboys out the fake pins easily popped out on the vfc receiver with the use of a punch and a pin hammer, just remove the smaller pins first as they have no lips, then you can just pop the punch thought the holes these pins leave once removed
  2. no modification to the receiver so far, only modification i've had to do is tap one thread and remove about 15mm from the front section to accommodate the hop up unit, will post a picture of this when i get a chance
  3. vfc aks74 + gbb parts, just waiting to get my hands on the selector unit parts as they where unfortunately missing from my kit grrrrrrrrrrr
  4. its a modified star rail , the markings are not there as it has been sprayed OD, looking to get some color pictures up but i've had little good natural light of late
  5. only place i've seen mags so far is ra tech although rmw informed me he was getting some in this week
  6. very nice, what make or side rail for the optics did you attack to the rpk kit?
  7. i would say its rmw its the only place i've come across where you can get that type of front grip
  8. in real life it is a lot better the pictures where taken in very harsh direct sunshine, this together with the finish on the wood makes the wood look a lot lighter than it is.
  9. RWM RPK and VFC ak74m with real steel kobra
  10. love the ksk g36k QuiN any chance of a parts list and info on the paint job?
  11. i get about 1500 - 1700 with an intel 1400mah at the moment but my aims does eat thought the batterys like nothing else, i just got my hands on the vfc ak74m and im expecting the same from that in regards to teh vfc blow back i've come across an issues and it with teh spring on the bolt cover, i;ve noticed this losses some springeness (tech term ) over time and is slower to return to its starting position and i believe this even results in some gearbox lockups anyone know if you can get this as a replacement part anywhere ? other than vfc direct
  12. don't liston to them lovecraft25 i like it a lot
  13. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...t&p=1809518 hi azngoonie313 any info on how you got this great look? and reference material of tutorial would be great i love the overall look you got
  14. i would try gb.tech@msa.hinet.net
  15. this may seem a strnage question but does anyone have any experience of re-engaging the blowback, a couple of weeks ago my blowback rod on the outside of the gearbox snapped in half (vfc where very good and i had a few replacement in my mail box in a few days can;t say more about there customer service ) but im having a few problems reinstalling the new rod.
  16. Would have to agree i get a very short life from my battery with the blow back engaged, also i;ve had a strange number of fuses blow on me.
  17. The blow back is not ment to be used with a 9v so be aware of thatm i had the blow back rod snap on me may have been down to my use of 9v battery's, but vfc have been good and sent me out 2 replacement right away.
  18. the voltage is set by how many cells make up the pack i believe each cell is about 1.3v for 7cells = 8.4v, 8cells = 9.6v, 9cells = 10.8v and 10cells = 12v
  19. Normally i use a pair of needle noes pliers with a piece of cloth over the selector switch so i did not damage it.
  20. knights arms did them originally as part of a set , recently they did release them on there own http://www.kingarms.com/productpage.asp?prodid=1266 but i have unfortunately not seen them in any shops yet Edit: just found them http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...il?prodID=24226
  21. star and ca do a gp that is compatible with standard 40mm grenades where as g&p make a gp that uses there own special grenade. im waiting for the vfc gp30 http://www.gb-tech.com.tw/vfc_new_web/img/...uncher_gp30.jpg
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