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  1. You read any of his comments?

  2. Dude, you fail at everything

  3. ahh, everyone (well you and stealth) keep changing thier pics, its confusing me 0_o

  4. :rofl: Seriously, wered that come from Cool, good news.... (except the part about it being buggered up)
  5. West mid's for teh winz :D

  6. Yeah, today for a while. Not certain on the time though. Chris
  7. you eventually found my posts then :P

    also why do you have the habbit of easily finding the n00bz threads/ making fun of them/ cattle proding them? :D

    Prehpas they remind you of you lawl.

  8. This topic is pure sex. God i really want a armalite :( Chris
  9. I am ur only friend, loner :D

  10. I can see the improvements the cape makes. But the finger looks a little too long and thin, personal prefrence (im no pro or whatever, just an opinion from a nobody, haha) Still, i can't draw anything like that. Chros
  11. Oi *fruitcage*wit go talk!

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