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  1. Bando

    CZ Picture Thread

    mag adapter inside a mag adapter mwahaha
  2. Time to kick it 90s style. WE M653 and a G&P masterKey.
  3. Time to kick it 90s style. WE M653 and a G&P masterKey.
  4. the the G&G is not for you XD there is like 0 battery space in the forgrip :s
  5. a GBBR sig? stop my underwear can only get so tight.
  6. thought id already posted this here.
  7. Ive always wanted a VP70 since playing Resident Evil 2. When the LS one came out i had to get one. Its full metal, like FULL metal, even the lower which should be polymer is metal, it weighs a ton.
  8. got my A2 back from a friend havent used it since my local tech put a mostfet in the handguard and omg there is noooooo space now XD.
  9. Those are some really nice looking sigs it would be a shame if some one came in here and ruined the thread with cheap tat XD. G&G sig 552 HFC plastic nbb (amazing gun for under £50 )
  10. the company i work for provides Airsoft toys to films alot of the time they get what we have in stock or they already know what they want. The whole feed lip thing is a none issue for them they arnt as autismo as we are some times
  11. finally got my hands on some Bijans getting Woodland kit in the UK is proving harder than expected.
  12. braving the interwebs again getting my Vietnam kit together and sweating off the camo cream as fast as i could put it on XD.
  13. Just going through some folders and i found these i dont think ive posted them here. I really need to set up a decent photo booth now ive moved out.
  14. i don't normally share gear pics due to body image issues (which im now regretting posting this on Imgur already) but i thought id share some WIP pics for my current gear. I will probably be ditching the leg rigs as they are just place holders atm but im not liking the restriction movement.
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