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  1. Holy smokes, that thing holds a lot more gas.
  2. Looking forward to more info about the replacement bolt. I want a skirmishable gun and would prefer it to be the 416c (but if it ain't gonna happen than WE G36 it is.)
  3. No updates on this in awhille eh? Really curious about the new 416c model.
  4. came from the future to conquer the past.

  5. Have you tried a mag well conversion on this? or any of the old G36 body style accessories? I would love to know what fits and what doesn't.
  6. C strike man what the hell is going on with that UBR?
  7. +1 The paint pen is for things that can unscrew. The rear take down pin and the body pins don't need it. The non spin pins that are tied together have screws to clamp them to the bar, which is why you see the paint on some guns, but for standard pin retention, you don't need the paint.
  8. Now it's Andrew Bird playing his favorite tunes. This is pretty cool.
  9. 89.3 the current "Theft of the Dial" Marathon. It's a program where they have bands (or band members) come in and play the music they like. The drummer from wilco is on right now. LINK There is a listen to steam thing, that opens a new window, and then there is a Mp3 stream download. Best radio station I have ever heard.
  10. Get rid of those stickers on the mags man.
  11. MCXL

    M14 Picture Thread

    I am looking for info on the G&P EBR series of guns, and EBR's in general. I have a thread HERE for any 'experts' who want to help me out.
  12. A new low for posts in this thread catfishsalesco.
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