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  1. MCXL

    The HK 416 GBBR by VFC

    Holy smokes, that thing holds a lot more gas.
  2. MCXL

    The HK 416 GBBR by VFC

    No updates on this in awhille eh? Really curious about the new 416c model.
  3. came from the future to conquer the past.

  4. MCXL

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Now it's Andrew Bird playing his favorite tunes. This is pretty cool.
  5. MCXL

    What music are you currently listening to?

    89.3 the current "Theft of the Dial" Marathon. It's a program where they have bands (or band members) come in and play the music they like. The drummer from wilco is on right now. LINK There is a listen to steam thing, that opens a new window, and then there is a Mp3 stream download. Best radio station I have ever heard.
  6. MCXL

    Glock Picture Thread

    Get rid of those stickers on the mags man.
  7. MCXL

    M14 Picture Thread

    I am looking for info on the G&P EBR series of guns, and EBR's in general. I have a thread HERE for any 'experts' who want to help me out.
  8. MCXL

    1911 Picture Thread

    Not without SERIOUS mods to the sights. If you get the right spec front it isn't to hard, (I got the wrong one :| ) but the rear is a serious pain, and is mildly dangerous. (if you bust open a vial by accident and breathe some of that *suitcase* in it can be bad) It can be done though, mine. (look at the rear sight.)
  9. Have you decided on what am bestest firearm?

  10. MCXL

    KJW M4

    Actually I don't think you guys get what Raven1 is telling you. The gun had some internal parts FAIL and it still operates. In fact he ran another range test on it in its current state without any real issues. Gas efficiency has dropped, and mags cool down more due to the wasted gas, but he was able to get a whole mag off and have it lock back. In addition he was running propane/green pressure gas at 100+degrees. That's pressure that will cook almost any gas gun. I have a WA, and man, if something is just a little off, it WILL NOT function. In fact I have had this gun for a YEAR, and havent had it in a playable state yet. Not Once. It started life as an inokatsu, since bying that 1000$ gun, I have probably spent about 1500 minimum trying to get it to where i want i to be. The KJW is amazing, just astoundingly good considering its cheaper then a WE. I mean its mags are like 35$? I'm not saying its perfect, but I think that if someone wants to get into GBB rifles, the KJW is the current way to go, though the VFC might com and sink it.
  11. MCXL

    1911 Picture Thread

    alston251 For 1911 with a light a serpa is out of the question. Safariland makes what your looking for. They have all sorts of platforms for there 6004 series. Belt, low belt leg shroud molle, whatever. For a warrior with a light you will need either 6004-5340-xxx (Surefire x200 light) or 6004-5621-xxx (M3, M3x, M6) The last three digits designate color and handedness. The first two digits of this series pertain to color: 12 Black 51 OD/Ranger Green 55 Coyote/FDE Brown The last digit of the series pertains to handedness. 1 Right Hand 2 Left Hand So a 6004-5621-121 would be a 6004 holster for a railed kimber/Springfield operator with a m6 in black, thats right handed. Hope that helps!
  12. MCXL

    1911 Picture Thread

    LOL, Why mirror the picture?
  13. MCXL

    1911 Picture Thread

    Shooters Design

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