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  1. any suits kicking about in medium, have a word in my ear please!
  2. red that *suitcase* is the money.
  3. hunk I love the set up. No experience of the ATS, verdict?
  4. Kousnik

    Kousnik's Cakes

    fan bloody tastic
  5. good find, ordering myself some stuff now! Will post my findings....
  6. wow, nice review. This has answered a few questions I have had about this gun. thanks!
  7. shultz, the ak mag on the previous pic, how did you stain it? Is it just a regular plastic mag with wood stain (like the stuff i put on the shed) painted on? Looks the business.
  8. Bane, i have a semi. That may be the greatest RIF I have ever seen.
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