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  1. Hey berserk....how does it shoot?...supression any good? sure looks pretty
  2. It must be true I read it on Wiki...well CBS was in talks with Sci Fi...so everybody cross your fingers....and hold you breath...
  3. Tossed a Krink and a waffle on my Ino....now for internals...... Oh yeah, Mr Foxhound....Sci Fi Channel picked up Jericho for a third season.
  4. So new, I didn't have time to de-orange it! Love the Krink handguards! Ino AK74SU Vityaz (Now available at PE!) My new CZ75 1st Version (Gunsmith Cats otaku!) Whew, that was a lot of exclamation points..
  5. Gigueand, I believe Naval EOD awarded Vltor the contract to outfit their rifles a few years back. Most likely because of the quick disconnect lower for 203 install and also the ease of installation on weapons. The system itself is very lightweight with the rails also being modular.
  6. Just finished upgrading her....8 mags came in yesterday(10 total) 390 with a PDI 130%, installed hop twist as well. Debating whether to put a FET for li-po and burst. Stargate sling from TheVestGuy.
  7. mojo

    Macs Picture Thread

    2 of the 4...used an Uncle mike's shoulder holster rig to carry them....wish they made some good micro uzi's. Then i could finally make my Invasion USA loadout..which would consist of cowboy boots, a jeans jacket, and some fingerless gloves. Ah,Chuck Norris in all his Anti-Terrorist glory....
  8. Hey, your computer isn't on the fritz!

  9. With that latest get-up you look like a Blackwater employee

  10. mojo

    SA80 Picture Thread

    Sorry, no Brit kit to fit. Might try it with PMC this weekend.
  11. mojo

    SA80 Picture Thread

    Tried to find all the green stuff in my house to put on my AFV. Also installed a Gemtech Supressor.
  12. mojo

    double fisted combos :p

    My best Chuck Norris Impression...Invasion USA anyone? Yeah..i know they were Micro-Uzi's in the movie but my MAC's shoot 380 so i can actually field skirmish with them.
  13. Thanks guys! Here's the breakdown: KWA OD base G&P metal slide TK hop twist Hurricane Kit Blackhawk Xiphos NT light(the strobey one) Trijicon Glock Nightsights JP Enterprises Extended Competition Mag Release Hogue Handall Grip Magpul Baseplate(yeah we had to fit it onto a stock glock baseplate. Just a prototype, but prolly the best way since you still have to fill gas in the thing.
  14. My 1100 with all the stuff that used to be on my 733 Hopefully, i'll be able to do some breaching with it this weekend.
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