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  1. Same with the CA SR-25 (or the CA-25 as it's called). It's only the G&G that comes stock shooting only in semi-auto. Though I think that the CA and G&P SR-25's use a special selector plate, so I've heard that putting a standard V2 plate in will stop it from going all the way to full-auto.
  2. TM m14 SOCOM and "tacticool" pool table.
  3. Definitely crane stock and RIS/RAS. Free float would be pretty awesome...and get rid of that ugly flashider (maybe a Noveske XK3? I just love those...) Pretty nice gun. Once I get a holosight I'll post new pics of my gun...
  4. Ahh ok, just at first glance it seemed a little...odd that way. But now that I think about it, it kinda makes more sense, lol. Thanks
  5. I've got a question about MOLLE belts...I've got a TT MOLLE belt with a Triple m203 pouch, double pistol mag pouch, tri-fold dump pouch, and soon to be a Safariland holster for my 1911. Here's a pic: <sorry not a pic of just the 1st line...> Anyways, am I 'supposed' to wear it with the MOLLE and stuff at the back and the clip in the front? Or with the MOLLE in the front, right underneath my CIRAS. I had it with the MOLLE and pouches on my front, but I saw some pictures of people with it the other way around...and I did notice that my CIRAS tended to get in the
  6. Kit list available if anybody really wants it...
  7. Hence why you should have let me buy it...lol. It is a little odd, but I do have to say that I like what you've done to it. Now if only I could get my MICH looking 1/2 that cool...
  8. Dude...you bought his sweet Godzilla IBH to re-paint it?!?! Lame! I totally would have bought that to keep the Godzilla alive! j/k man (well, I would have bought it...), it actually looks really, really nice.
  9. Yeah, but again.....what if I want to take the velcro off? What if I want to put a helmet cover on my MICH? EDIT: And still, even if I were to just glue it down, I would still like to be able to find 2" or 4" velcro and not have to put 4 1" strips together...
  10. I thought about that, but that looks ugly....lol. It's kinda a last-resort option. Not really. I hate Ebay. I can never find what I want to find. Here's all I could really find: http://cgi.ebay.com/PEDALBOARD-VELCRO-2-CO...1QQcmdZViewItem And that's like $26 for 10 feet. Not bad....but I don't really need 10 feet. Kinda hoping for like....2 feet, lol.
  11. I guess so...but I don't really have a glue gun. And I was kinda hoping that I might be able to remove it if I wanted...but worst comes to worst, I end up gluing it all down.
  12. They only have the 4" velcro in sew-on, and for my MICH I need adhesive....
  13. Ok, I've got a question: Where can I get adhesive-backed velcro? I've tried going to local craft stores, but all they have are the 1" strips. I need some like 4" or 6" squares/rectangles so that I can attach my G&P replica strobe to the back of my MICH...and so that I can put patches on the side of my MICH. Are there any online places that will sell small amounts of it? Most places just have the 1" strips, or sell the 4" and 6" stuff by the 25-yard roll....and I'm not going to spend $300 on velcro. Thanks!
  14. Well, seeing as how it was about 35 degrees (F) when I shot it....not too great. But it really wasn't bad. In better weather I'm sure it'll actually be pretty good for a single stack magazine.
  15. I got it used....it's a metal slide, but it has no trades. But I'm not that big on trades, I mean, I'm a skirmisher, not so much a collector. Plus, it shoots AMAZINGLY well, so I'm happy. Oh, and no, it's not a WE...even if it looks like one, nope. Got TM trades on the frame.
  16. Woohoo! Got my TM 1911 with metal slide and barrel today! For $100 shipped (including 2 mags), too!
  17. Yeah, that's kinda what I was thinking. Even in the two pictures I quoted, both of them were tan helmets with black velcro. Pretty sure I'm going to go with that. I'll have to remember to post up some pics once I (finally) get a MICH.
  18. Hmm...interesting. I'll look around this section a little more and try to see if I can figure it out. So, like velcro glued to the back of the helmet, and then to the back of the distress marker. And then more velcro on the front of the marker to go over it and hold it down? Oh, and anybody know if I might be able to find velcro that's like sticky-backed, so that I don't have to glue down the velcro permanently? EDIT: So, it might look something like this: EDIT2: This helps....probably should have looked through this thread a little more before posting stupid questi
  19. Hey all, I've got a question real quick. I think I'm going to buy the "SWAT" MICH 2000 replica from wgcshop.com, and I'm also going to get that G&P replica distress marker: http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i...L_srch_distress Now, how do I attach that to my MICH? So far I'm pretty sure I'm going to have: MICH 2000 (tan), Cateye band, goggle straps, and the G&P replica distress marker/bb loader. So...how am I supposed to get that bb loader on it? I want it on the back of the helmet, not on top. Velcro? Thanks!
  20. That's beautiful! But I'd say keep the crane stock....SOPMOD stocks are awesome and all, but I like the crane stock on that. Just my opinion though.
  21. Yeah, I was hoping it wouldn't look too bad when I got it...I'm glad it turned out so great! Although my friend thinks the KX3 is too big...but I think he's just jeaulous of my m203 and KX3. Thanks!
  22. Lol, everybody's been commenting on the pool table. Yeah...I wanted to get outside pictures, but it's really cold, there's snow on the ground, and it's an overcast day...not too good for pictures.
  23. My TM m14 SOCOM. Badly needs an aimpoint....but I need money for that.
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