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  1. Are you going to paint that SpecterDR? The gold kills it...
  2. I heard the group was started by someone in SF but now it's been taken over by a (pretty annoying, IMO) wannabe.
  3. Maybe it uses a P90 nozzle since it has a P90 hopup?
  4. Pedlar, the EMC turned out really well, makes me wish I still had my XM110.... Have you considered a different light? The M961 seems a little big for that setup, but it's still a nice light either way (I use one)
  5. I've shot mine several times point blank with this gun: http://s118.photobucket.com/albums/o93/league4/guns/?action=view&current=MOV07085.mp4 and my mesh barely dented, if at all...
  6. I'm..... so jealous. So so jealous. What's your total investment in it? Base gun? Any plans to attach a MIAD somehow?
  7. It looks fine. Me and a few teammates have ran it with arid marpat before, but with temperate it doesnt look too bad either.
  8. Um, I answered it in the post above you. If you mean the post above mine, considering mine had no questions asked.
  9. I know a guy in California that raid mods pants for like $30-40 IIRC... PM me if you want his contact info.
  10. My G&P XM110 before I sold it recently:
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