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  1. Blackhawk STRIKE Recon Harness in Coyote Brown
  2. The total length of the A3 is actually very close to the A1/A2. Something around 810mm. As far as inner barrels go, a standard AUG has a 509mm, I have a 590mm with a bore-up kit, so any noticeable difference in performcance is due to the bore-up not longer barrel.
  3. I know AUG purists are gonna hate this, but I actually prefer it over the A1/A2. JG AUG/A3 (Sniper Version)
  4. Hey guys what color looks better with multicam, Tan or CB?
  5. Can someone with a RIS on their G3 tell me (roughly) how much more weight it adds to the front?
  6. I'm starting to like the side RIS mount bipod.
  7. Hey Raco, I noticed all the electrical tape around you're stock. Did yours break too? I'm on my 3rd one.
  8. Hey man, nice looking setup. I think I found my long lost brother.
  9. I'd love to have a 21e. Weren't there rumors years ago about a conversion kit in the works? Guess that never panned out. I've been looking at prices on a RS heat shield, but the cheapest I've found was $499.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Knowing the offical name (POSP) of it helped alot and I found one too!
  11. I figure you AK owners would know this. Can anyone tell me what type of mount is on this gun or point me to something comparable? Thanks.
  12. IMO, certain guns (M14s and AKs) should not be made into tactical looking weapons with rails and such. It takes away from the beauty of the weapon itself.
  13. 1000000% YES! The M14 is such a beautiful weapon, that it should be left as is. It should not be tactical and it should, in no way, have rails on it. Just my $0.02. EBR= Extremely Bad Rendition
  14. HK51 outer barrel. Just like mine. Good taste dude.
  15. Nice touch with the C-MORE. It almost looks like the real deal.
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