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  1. Justin, hows that jacket in the summer games? Ive been thinking about getting one, but was worried it would be too hot to play in over summer.
  2. Jaw = floor. rather odd paintjob on the 249, or is that just a camera flash? looks really green to me. Strange to see the dcu and acu, maybe trying to blend with americans? (Dont know the date these were taken) k, going to try and put a loadout like this together soon. Sourcing kit, is one of them wearing a TAD stealth jacket? Think it is but cant quite tell here, near the bottom. Now if only there was a way to get my hands on some pvs 21's
  3. Chris, thats pretty damn nice I always had a soft spot for no railed sigs, they look very issue. Could use a bigger supressor though Anyone know of a shop in the uk that sells cheap 226 mags and parts? Ive just managed to snap the feed lips on my mag (my own fault, not kj's).
  4. Finally got my sig together Next up is an RS Hogue rubber grip, and possibly a slide with trades (not too bothered about trades though to be fair) What do you think?
  5. Anyone know if the prime silencer and threaded outer barrel kit is still available anywhere? I really want to put it on my new sig but cant find it in stock anywhere....
  6. Wow, that is a VAST improvement! Cant wait to get my mc51 back from uni
  7. Its a program that replaces explorer in windows Xp. Basically allows you to totally customise the interface (Notice that winamp is actually part of my desktop, same as the google bar) Just another way to procrastinate really
  8. Wow, pretty kitty Heres mine: Got to love AstonShell.
  9. Wow Kush 88, that looks pretty slick! Im not sure on the spr front end, but I think it would look awesome with a decent paintjob.
  10. Again, looking good as always! Youve definatly convinced me to get the magnifier for my aimpoint. That rifle seems to be missing a watch though
  11. *sigh* ~Its actually a classic army SA58, which is a copy of the real steel DSA SA58 CA promo poster The give away is the entire front end and the fact its chambered in 7.62... Edit: And the fact its totally gorgeous
  12. Junior, I do hope you read those classics before you destroyed them
  13. {{RommelsElite}}Pz4, That looks remarkably similar to mine! ( Like really really really similar lol) Sorry about the poor photo, its dark and i had to use my phone...
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