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  1. The EPC in AK form, (more pics on the plate carrier thread):
  2. The 416 and G19 in night game config: With AP: With 552: others:
  3. Definitely an epic patch. It's an Eagle RRV, and yeah, I dont like the look of brand new ACU, but this aint bad. This one in particular is actually the normal plate carrying version. My previous two ACU RRVs were both the non-PC $60 variety, don't even know when I bought them, it's just when I see eagle rigs for such a good price, it sets off a little bell in my head.
  4. Oh no! Krylon ruined all my geer.
  5. Horrible lighting, but you get the idea. Ebaybanned RAID Cheaper than dirt pouches Condor patces.
  6. Some new loadouts, terrorist-ish and PMC-ish
  7. Lolwut? a Glock? I think It's a stock KSC, but I put some other random parts in it. Do KSC's come stock with metal slides?
  8. Never mind. I found a pic if anyone else was wondering
  9. Picture request: An AKS74u with a normal 7.62 AK mag. Try not to bug me too much about putting a 7.62 mag in the gun, after all, most airsoft guns are chambered in 6mm...
  10. lol. Why is it that some people never put boots on for pictures?
  11. My EPC with a bunch of Paraclete pouches, one ATS pouch, and one TAG pouch.(Can you spot em? lol)
  12. Gettin ready for the summer heat(No more PCs for me this summer)
  13. haha, yeah, its been chewed up by my tactical dog. The hydro looks like that becuase my bladder is all crumpled up at the bottom when I took the pics.
  14. Lulz, backyard action pics:
  15. Haha, I guess so. Yeah, Im 14. Thanks
  16. Hah, yep. You should have seen me like a year ago. Mp5s looked massive.
  17. I dont. But my khakis didnt look too hot with my new PCU top, so I went with ACUs. So I just started using them, I guess.
  18. ive got an EPC in SM/MED. Im 5'8" and 108 lbs and it fits me just fine. Although it fits a lot better with the cummerbund on a cinched down, as opposed to the straps and buckles.
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