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  1. Pictures with user names don't always stop the scamming. Bought an AEG off Z-in with a fairly decent picture. What it didn't show (due to the angle) was that the outer barrel (and thus inner) was bent - significantly enough that I struggled to get the inner barrel out and it was useless - I couldn't even bend it back with a plumbers torch on it for 5 mins. It then took a few months or so, plus an official "court proceedings" letter to his parents home address before I got any contribution to the replacement outer barrel. What might be worth doing (and I'm not sure what you see with less t
  2. Not particularly arty (that's my wife's strong point) - but here's my SIGs which form my primary loadout.
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  4. From the album: Armoury

    What we have here is my primary loadout for your average skirmish King Arms SIG 556 w/ Magpul UBR stock (with the battery and mosfet inside), Aimpoint clone with 3x flip to side magnifier. Internally gearbox has been AOE'd and has sorbo pad, blowback disabled but otherwise fairly stock. 6.03 Madbul Black Python 2 Barrel and R-Hopped for .3g. TM P226 with "real steel" hogue grips - fitted using the "real steel" spring seat making it an almost drop in fit. Internally only upgrades are the nineball hop rubber and nineball gas routers on the mags.
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