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  1. here: http://www.egtactical.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=72_75&product_id=781
  2. J-armory is not OEM by KWC, at least i don't think so WA pistol is way more powerful than any stock TM pistols, but range wise, not really, Kids these days are way too cheap and lazy to fix up a really nice WA 1911/2011, only OLD farts like myself still have them and use them,. I do have bunch of WA parts somewhere in my parts bin, so if someone is looking for some WA parts, let me know, most of them are 1911/SV, magna or SCW ver
  3. KWC did the OEM for WA magnatech ver This is back in the OOOOOLD days
  4. Looks great! Why is the slide gray colored? Does it come like that?
  5. loose the back strap thingy RM
  6. it's a Guarder frame that slide might even be a Guarder slide for all intended purpose the guy do stuff for Guarder and they do some work for him Dude you read Chinese, check ARMS COOL Forum you can ask him to sell you just the lower
  7. go with Guarder lower frame hmm, someone just brought the that FI steel kit from CRW/BA
  8. these grip screws might add a little spice to your 1911 Wolf George, and real steel grip bushings fits all nova frames There's also golden screws too http://wickedgrips.com/product/custom-1911-grip-screw-set-emerald-green-gem/
  9. WolfGeorge, golden hex screws will look pretty awesome, you can get the guarder ones and try it out
  10. you need some gold grip screws on your SAI Commander
  11. Just finished this G34, the last part (the front trigger pin and hammer housing pin) came in today finally. I am calling this my Black build, everything is black (not the trigger bar sadly ) This my ideal gun, zero play when hammer is cocked, the Gunsmodify kit is awesome, good finish and fit, and reasonably price, BTW I used no base gun, everything inside and out is all a mixture of Guarder, Gunsmodify, AIP, Ace 1 arms and real steel parts, the only stock TM part is the mag, which I plan to change when Pro-win release their CNC mag. Onto the parts list, GM is for Gunsmodify, GU is Gu
  12. the front steel chassis and rear are perfectly matched, very little side to side play in the front of the slide, and no up and down play anywhere on the slide the barrel is secure and there's very minor play when you shake the gun when the hammer is cocked, since I am using a AIP Hop-Up unit so it's very secure however the guide rod which the slide kit sucks, very gritty, it's better to switch to the SD ones Also the size of the rear sight is too big for most real steel sights, that's why I am using the OEM's adjustable rear, found that out the hard way
  13. Good old looking TM G17, not as fancy as some SAI or Agency guns, but nothing beats steel slide and barrel. It have full guarder parts, every since part is made by Guarder, except the trigger pin (real steel), mag and the rear sight (real steel).
  14. I don't wanna hear about these grips Nova Operator full build with all after market parts
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