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    VSR-10 TM, G&D DTW M4A1 Max4 2014, AK-105 GHK, G17 SAI SA, MK23 Stti
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  1. Rainer1989


    I add my the last iteration of my VSR here, as no sniper thread is open
  2. G&D DTW: -Aimpoint PRO RS -Wilcox Industries Comp-M Mount -Raptor Ambi-Charging Handle -Noveske NSR 9 -FCC Multi Barrel G2 -B5 Systems Sopmod Bravo Stock -AAC 51T Blackout Flash Hider -Noveske Keymod QD Direct Attach Swivel Mount -Bcmgunfighter Grip Short Keymod -MOE grip -Surefire M300 Mini Scout -AN/PEQ-15 LA5 -Insight Technology M3X Dual Pressure Switch -Strike Industries Cobra Trigger Guard
  3. Glock G17 SAI Tier 2 VFC gen 4 Pre Umarex base pistol, EMG G&P Kit and GM trigger
  4. Thanks for the reply Dj_komodo, about making it work, was it something in particular or all the fit in general?
  5. How are the EMG SAI kits for VFC Glock, do they fit and function properly? What about the looks, are they on par with GunsModify, Prime... Are the sights steel?
  6. Didn't know that, thanks NonEx!!
  7. Can anyone upload the exploded view diagram of the regular HK45, I have the tactical version and I want to order the left only safety lever
  8. Thanks Striker, this new system is really interesting and I really appreciate how you are keeping us updated.
  9. Wow, it's really nice, any chance of a GHK kit?
  10. VFC/ Stark Try keeping the tip of the rotor pointing forward and push the hammer down allowing the slide to go back, I had the same issue with one stark
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