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  1. the right image reads; "Behold the true power of the dark side. [moments later darth vader shredded the meanest devil went down to gerogia the council ever heard"
  2. But you're one in a million You've got that shotgun shine. Born under a bad sign, With a blue moon in your eyes. back on topic, The Badger is tired of the same old story (song and dance as well?) of running assault. Hes looking at shotgunning as a new career path, but before he orders one he wants to do one final check to see that no-one knows anything about a clone SPAS 12 tri shot?
  3. sorry shooter, it was just too good to pass up
  4. Its called "blammo" what did you guys think was going to happen?
  5. One may have mild language if read... correctly
  6. The Badger has a five pack of STAR 140 rounders and really is not impressed with them. They don't feed particularly well in any of his six g36s (4 JG and 2 CA). He cleans them out before every game but when in the field just gives up and uses highcaps.
  7. for those of you who liked that famas/p90/g36/hotdog heres the link http://www.hardcoil.net/airsoft/guns/xa23_1.html
  8. and as seen here, The Badger's latent dissociative identity disorder begins to manifest.
  9. The Badger


    Badger can has DMR?
  10. interestingly enough, The Badger didn't make this one, he just found it.
  11. master chief is about to get melted though
  12. There is a winner gentlemen. And he should probably post a review, damn fast!
  13. The Badger just wants someone to clone a tri_barrel SPAS, imagine a folding stock one for $60.... *runs off to hunt raptors*
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