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  1. kuwabara kuwabara KUWABARA

  2. The Badgers cut down de m1014 trishot. it has exactly the same length barrel, but is half the size it was
  3. .... maybe not the same accuracy, but its about a quarter of the price...
  4. If you're honoring those who serve, why does the patch have a confederate and french flag? The Badger understands that Mississippi was once controlled by french, and was once part of the confederacy, but shouldn't it be a US flag?
  5. this image is from a plan two full comics away, more for fun than anything else
  6. The Badger has one, and honestly, its not much use in woodland. Its a shotgun so it simply doesn't have the range or penetration you need if you're fighting in bushes and low trees. Its stock is kind of wobbly which is due to its ability to twist requiring a longer screw than it should have. The Badger gave up on it and removed the stock and cut down the barrel to the start of its actual inner barrels. He keeps it on his back, but has yet to use it due to its inferiority to his side arm in most respects. Don't get him wrong, he loves the ugly little thing, it just isn't the best combat weapon.
  7. KMFDM, you are a criminal. what you have made is a blasphemy on so many levels... the badger likes it (except for the m4 carry handle... looks out of place)
  8. moar classroom doodles, hopefully with the right number of thumbs this time.... (yes werewolves have thumbs... kinda)
  9. *Bagder face palm/paw* And that's what he gets for drawing during a class that starts at 7am... Unless Skoll is a mutant with two right hands, well a werewolf with two right hands... paws... screw it, The Badger messed up, its just simpler that way.
  10. class room doodles + photoshop cs 4 =
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